Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank God for Water Filters!!

So, Saturday we woke up to low water pressure in the house.  Not unusual since the flooding here a few years back.  We have a whole house filter on the water line where it comes into the house, and have to change it every couple of months.  My husband figured it was in need of changing when our neighbor called to borrow the wrench we use to change the filter so he could change his filter.  After further discussion with other neighbors who have no filter we found out they had black water in their lines and toilets.

We continued on through the day, dealing with the low pressure, waiting to change the filter after the cookie party.  Night came and hubby decided to tackle the change in the morning.  He went on-line and learned that a water main had broken, but we did not need to boil the water, as it only contained sediment.

Well, here is what that sediment looked like when he took out our filter this morning:

From Water Filter

Here is what my hand looked like after touching it!

From Water Filter

All I an say is Thank God we had the filter so it did not get into the hot water heater, the water softener, or on me in the shower!!!

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