Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Awesome Author!!!

I am using today's post to thank one of my new favorite authors, Lisa Shearin.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lisa, she has a great blog.  I have really appreciated all the help she gives to aspiring authors.  The information she posts has been very helpful to me.  She has also been very gracious at answering e-mail questions.

She has a great series of books.  They are action packed adventures that always leave me wondering what trouble Raine, the main character, will end up in next.  I am anxiously waiting for the next book, but unfortunately it won't be out until next year--- although, thanks to Lisa's great blog, I now understand exactly why I have to wait that long (and am happy to do so).

I am so happy that she (and her publisher) give us, the fans, great books to escape with.

Go check out her blog and her books.  Here's a list of them (in order):

Magic Lost, Trouble Found
Armed and Magical
The Trouble with Demons
Bewitched and Betrayed

If you've already read them-- introduce them to a friend!!!

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