Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trip to the Fair

The New York State Fair started this week, and yesterday we made our yearly trek to the event.  On a record breaking attendance day, no less. 

We had a very good time wandering around the exhibits.  We spent some time listening to Adam Richmond, of the Travel Channel's Man vs Food (unfortunately there were microphone issues-- seriously, you couldn't see a stand mic wouldn't work for doing a cooking demonstration???), so we left before his demonstration was finished.

We had great food.  A garbage plate for lunch, and German meal for dinner, as well as a healthy sampling of the maple foods booth (coffee, donut, slushie, sno-cone, and ice cream between the three of us!)

The cap of the day, for me at least, was seeing Styx in concert (a free concert, no less!)  It was wonderful! (Except for the rude people who kept shoving their way around us, trying to break through the barrier to a walk way we were standing next to. ) It was great to hear the songs I love-- and to hear the crowd sing along with the band!!!! It was the largest crowd I have ever seen at the free concert area in all the years we have been attending.

On the way out, I was reminded of how disgustingly rude people are becoming as we walked through discarded cups, bottles, and other trash people had dropped on the ground where they stood, instead of walking just a few feet to a garbage/recycling can.  This lack of respect still amazes me.

Still, a wonderful time was had!

What I'm Working On:

- Putting the finishing touches on Quest of the Hart and hope to be sending out queries this week.
- Finished up a query letter to send out (with lots of comments to work at improving it from the Query Critique page at Writer's Digest)
- Finished chapter 2 of The Lost Princess and sent that off to Katie for comments.

Upcoming Posts:

-Writing with a plot summary
-Trying a new writing process-one chapter at a time

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