Monday, October 21, 2013

Introducing King Corrin from FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS

Today I am so excited to share my interview with King Corrin. I mean, really. Who gets to meet royalty everyday? Not only that, he flew me to the Copley Marriott in Boston on his private jet. You read that right. Private. Jet.

As you can imagine, security was quite high. A pair of very handsome men―two of the Brothers of Pendragon―stood guard outside our interview room, dressed all in black―black suits, black shirt, black shoes, and black ties. Even their hair was black. The only non-black things? A golden triquerta (yeah, that's the real name for the Celtic trinity knot-totally had to look that up after Oliver told me how to spell and say it :-)) on their lapel, and their beautiful green eyes.

King Corrin and Oliver (Corrin's personal bodyguard and totally swoon-worthy dragon) arrived soon after I'd been left in the room. (The king's guard did thorough search before declaring me ready safe) Oliver wore black, just like his brothers, but in a bit higher quality three-piece suit, probably because of his position in rank.

The king's outfit surprised me. He wore dark jeans, a pale grey button down (looked like fine silk) and a charcoal sports coat―not the three piece business suit I expected. The only indication of his royalty were his gold signet ring (a dragon sitting atop a crown) and a dagger pendant (marked with runes and boasting a dragon curled around the hilt.)

We sat across from each other on a pair of scrumptious leather chairs while Oliver stood behind Corrin, ready to protect his liege.

MW: Your Majesty it is such an honor to meet you. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions for me.

King Corrin: You are quite welcome, Mary. Such a lovely woman interviewing me, I find it no trouble at all.

He flashed a swoon worthy smile and I can still feel myself blush thinking about it

MW: Well, umm, thank you. I'd like to get to know a bit more about you, not just the man we see, but a deeper understanding of who you are and how your past has molded you into the man you are today. You are clearly quite handsome, but also intelligent. You've lived a very long time and experienced many things. What period of time in which you've lived has been your most favorite?

Corrin: Given my origins as a warrior, most people incorrectly assume I might have a preference toward periods of war; however, the Renaissance saw incredible leaps in human scientific and cultural pursuits, allowing vampires to integrate easily into society more so than in the past. Living long lives and often having opportunities for various degrees of fae influence, we have an intellectual advantage. The further humanity grew in their knowledge, the simpler it became to… not stand out from the crowd I suppose you would say.

MW: Oh, I've always loved learning about the Renaissance. Some of my favorite composers lived then. In all this time, you've never taken a wife. In fact, from what I can tell, you've never wished to marry at all. Why the sudden change of heart when you met Cait?

This question seemed to bother King Corrin, as he drew up stiff, before shifting on his seat and returning to his regal pose

Corrin: A monarch must do what is best for his kingdom. With significant reason, I determined Cait to be an excellent choice as my queen and am assured the people of United Sovereign America will adore her.

MW: You, Dante, and Theo are all trying to woo the lovely Cait. What makes you believe you will win? What secret strategy will you employ?

King Corrin laughed sarcastically at this question

Corrin: Since I do not believe marrying a dragon due to his sense of responsibility or having a husband who may find reason to jaunt off across the globe pursuing some research interest without notice suits a woman’s desire for romance, I am unsure why you see this as a competition at all, Mary. As for strategy, I’m quite wealthy and wield more political power single handedly than any other man in the world. Additionally, you stated the obvious.

Here he gave me a crooked grin that made me want to melt on the spot.

I’m quite handsome and intelligent. I can give Cait everything her heart desires, no strategy necessary. I’m King of America… and a vampire.

When he flashed his fangs at me with a broad smile, I would have agreed to anything he said.

MW: I see. Well, I can't wait to read how that works out for you. Do you have time for a few rapid fire questions, Your Majesty? Just to give a small glimpse of the man you are?

He retracted his fangs, much to my regret, and gave an impish grin.

Corrin: For you, Mary, of course.

Of course, I had to blush here.

MW: Thank you. OK, here we go. Coffee or tea?

His face grew serious, but his eyes glittered with merriment as he spoke.

Corrin: Don’t laugh. That is an order from the king… Peppermint herbal tea.

MW: Wine or beer?

Corrin: Ah, my guilty pleasure in the realm of human foods, beer. However, I only drink imports from Ireland in homage to my human roots.

MW: Chocolate or bacon?

The grimace he gave made me want to retract the question immediately.

Corrin: Clearly, you are not versed in vampire physiology. We cannot properly digest excessive additives and preservatives. Aside from human blood, my diet consists mostly of organic whole foods. Some younger vampires may indulge in foods their human bodies were familiar with, but I’m nearly 2500 years old. The strange things people choose to incorporate into their diets now did not exist in my time.

MW: My apologies, Your Majesty. It's a question I'm asking everyone, to learn all your likes and dislikes. And, I must say, you look incredible for your age.

He waved a hand at my apology.

Corrin: Thank you. Have you more questions?

MW: Just two more. Work or pleasure?

This drew a sexy smirk, just as I expected.

Corrin: Pleasure… As often as my schedule allows.

MW: Dining in or eating out?

Corrin: Given the public nature of my life, you can imagine eating out becomes quite a circus of security and paparazzi. Dining in is desirable, when I have time. Runa, my sister-in-law, is a fantastic cook. She and Evan grow all their own fruits and vegetables on the family estate…

He gave an absentminded smile as he spoke of his family, one that made me realize how important they really are to him.

You likely spoke to my younger brother while arranging this interview.

Corrin looked out the window, then gave me an award winning smile- the most honest one I'd seen all day.

Dining in. Yes. Most definitely.

MW: Thank you so much, Your Majesty. It's been a pleasure learning more about you.

King Corrin: The pleasure was mine. Now, if you'll excuse me? Evan will assist you with anything else you need.

He stood and smiled at me, giving another peek at his fangs, and before I knew it he was gone and I was alone in the room.


  1. King Corrin's PR office asked me to pass on the message that he is quite pleased with the write up of this interview and would be agreeable to further interviews with you anytime, Mary.

    1. Thank you Melissa. I will happily speak with Evan concerning more interviews.


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