Thursday, January 16, 2014

Introducing Theo from FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS

I can't believe I finally get to share this interview with you. Of all the ones I've done so far, Theo was by far the most amazing. I mean really, who wouldn't want to interview a dragon. Of course, he was in human form for the interview, but I did get to see his dragon form and let me just say, Mmmm.

Theo flew, no not by plane, but in his dragon form, to my house for a quick interview. He'd left Cait with Dante, and while he trusted the two, let's just say, given the circumstances, I understood why he wanted to be quick about things.

He changed from his dragon form to human form and made himself at home on y couch. My two cats curled up on his long, denim clad legs (even the one who usually hides from everyone!) Even though it was rather chilly, he took off his leather jacket, revealing a Rolling Stones t-shirt. Of course, having a dragon in my home had me all flustered (as you'll see!)

MW: Welcome, My Lord Pendragon. I am honored by your visit.

Theo: Agtos is our Lord Regent. I’m just Theo. You can save pretentious titles for my brother Sir Oliver... But I appreciate the gracious sentiment. Thank you.

MW: You're welcome, and Theo it is. So, you look human but are a dragon. How does that work?

He ran a hand through his black hair and stretched and arm over the back of my couch, revealing some very impressive guns. Sigh. Someone must have told him I like men with muscled arms.

Theo: Looks can be deceiving. Never judge a book by its cover…  He  flashed a set of perfect, white teeth. For a moment I felt like Red Riding Hood with the wolf, but he grinned and I melted.  It works because the Goddess created us to blend into human society, remaining with our wards, at their sides as they walk their paths of destiny. Yet we must be capable of annihilating any and all threats necessary, which takes the strength of our natural dragon forms. We can shift quite fluidly from one to the other, at will, though certain circumstances can force an undesired shift.

MW: That is so cool! I wish I could see you change, but I value my house a bit too much to risk losing it. You've lived a long life. What's one thing you wish you could go back and do over again- either to change what you did (and the outcome) or to experience it a second time?

He laughed, the sound sending shivers down my spine. 

Theo: I’d offer to step outside and demonstrate, but it tends to draw a great deal of attention. His smile faded a bit as his tone turned serious. The Goddess created us to walk the paths of destiny ordained, not to look into the past at what we cannot and should not change. Every choice made affects the future. It is our duty to destroy dark souls who will only harm the future of others, protect innocents who cannot protect themselves, and to guard those of great destinies. We guide them in what ways we can, though we cannot reveal what we know of their destinies. Any small event changed, even the seemingly least important decision made, affects the future, cascades along the timeline in ways you cannot fathom. The only thing I would wish to experience a second time, exactly the way I did the first, is something particularly personal for dragons and involves Cait, so I prefer not to reveal the specifics. It was a uniquely beautiful experience.

MW:  I understand and respect your privacy. Like King Corrin, you've never wished to marry, but have been content to be an observer of all around you. What about Cait made you change your mind?

At the mention of King Corrin, Theo growled.

Theo: I am not like Corrin. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I gave him a moment to collect himself. Dragons and marriage… That is a complicated subject we do not have time to discuss fully. Suffice it to say, it is not a matter of whether I wished or did not wish to marry. As for being an observer... He chuckled, and butterflies danced in my stomach...We dragons do observe… so we know when and where to take action. I’m not Dante, though I do deeply respect my friend. The Dracopraesi are ordained by the Goddess to act on her behalf, not simply observe the world around us. And Cait… You have already met her. Any male, dragon or otherwise, would be mad not to consider her worth their time.

MW: Yes, I can see why the three of you would want Cait. I understand that dragons don't marry for love. In fact, it is rare for them to marry at all. Knowing that, why should Cait choose you? And what would you be willing to do to see that she does?

Theo crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, a solemn look in his eyes.

Theo: This is true, a fact I do not deny. Cait should choose me if she believes I am the best choice for her. I will not force the matter, yet I will do everything within my power to love her the way she deserves, not simply because of honor or duty, but in the way a husband should love his wife. Either I can achieve this or I cannot. Cait must decide if the outcome is enough for her, knowing I would always remain faithful, devout in my vows to her, even if I cannot give the “hearts and flowers” romance she deserves.

MW: Well, if Cait doesn't choose you, you're welcome to come back here for consolation anytime you want. He chuckled. Now, for some rapid fire questions, if I may?

Theo: I’m amenable to such questions.

MW: Thank you. Coffee or tea?

He laughed. 

Theo: Water. Dragons do not drink coffee or tea.

MW: Wine or beer?

He howled in laughter and my cats jumped. 

Theo: Do you honestly want a fire-breathing dragon ingesting a flammable liquid, Mary?

MW: Hmm. Didn't think about the flammable thing. Okay, so how about chocolate or bacon?

He grinned, his eyes sparkling with humor.

Theo: I suppose bacon, since livestock are the only reasonable dietary option when no dark souls roam around to be eaten.

MW: Work or pleasure?

Theo: Work. Dragons exist with a purpose. I would be errant to choose otherwise.

MW: Dining in or eating out?

He covered his face and laughed long and loud, and I flushed as I realized my mistake. When he finally recovered, he looked at me and shook his head.

Theo: Mary, I just told you I eat livestock… I do not do that in human form. In fact, I don’t eat in human form. All dragons shift into our natural state to eat. I’d have to say eating out… as in outside.

MW: Oh. well, I guess that would make for an interesting date. I laughed. Thank you so much, Theo. I've really enjoyed getting to know you better. Sometime, if you don't mind, I'd love to see your dragon form.

Theo: You’re welcome, Mary. If it it’s dark enough, I could shift for you outside… Your neighbors might not notice. It’s a silent process… As long as you don’t scream, most people do the first time they see a dragon shift… If they ever see it. Most never see it coming until it’s too late. 

He winked and I followed him outside and watched him change. Let's just say, I was too amazed to scream.


  1. I didn't want the interview to end! Makes me want to read the book. Very clever and entertaining.

    1. I didn't want the interview to end, either! Theo is just so... Mmmm. I'm sure you get the drift.

      Can't wait for the release of this one!!!

  2. Oh, Theo... As if just getting to look at him isn't enjoyable enough, he has that amazing accent too. So HAWT.

    I hope you enjoyed meeting him. ;-)

    1. I totally enjoyed meeting him and can't wait to read the entire story!!!


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