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Author Spotlight, Contest and More!

Today I'm over at Crystal Collier's blog, talking Cheese and Faery Marked. Stop by and see if you can pick my lie!

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I am so excited to share the wonderful cover CK Volnek created for my novella, The Mystery Prince. Releasing this summer, it will be my first self-published release. What's it about? I'm so glad you asked!

Tristan enjoys being in the shadows as Prince Rand's bodyguard. Similar in looks, the two often exchanged places in their youth, but he never expected the king to order him to impersonate the heir to the throne in order to win the hand of a princess.

Princess Zoe needs to find a husband. After a year of searching with no success, her father insists on hosting a masquerade ball for the eligible princes of the nine kingdoms. Not one prince piques her interest, until she meets the mysterious stranger who won't tell her his name.

When Tristan meets Zoe he finds the girl of his dreams. The only problem? She's a princess and he's impersonating a prince―a crime punishable by imprisonment and floggings.

Unable to tell Zoe his real name, he gives her a special navigation device. One that leads to the owner's true love. Will this magic device lead Zoe to Tristan, or will her true love forever remain a mystery prince?


Name a Character Contest!!!

I'm looking to name a leading man, er, Pixie. He will be counter part to Pixie Erin (who you'll meet soon in Faery Marked).

He's about four and a half feet tall, muscular,with  sandy blond hair, and green eyes. A bit on the serious side (to balance out Erin's mischievous nature) he likes a good joke or prank every now and then. He's strong willed, confident, and a man's man (or a pixie's pixie, I guess would be more accurate :-) )

The winning name will be used in Faery Cursed, book two of the series. The winner will be acknowledged in the credits of the book and will win a special swag package from me, to include a signed copy of at least ONE book (if not more!).

Please send your name suggestions to with a subject heading of NAMING CONTEST (so I don't lose them in my in-box). Contest will close at midnight EST 7/31/14.

Good luck! And may the best name win!!

Sneak Peek at The Mystery Prince

“Good evening, Princess Zoe,” her new partner said, bowing low.
A slight tremor of anticipation tickled down her spine, and her eyes widened in appreciation of the man standing before her. He stood a good head taller than she and appeared quite muscular. At least that's what his doublet and form fitting trousers revealed to her as she skimmed a discreet glance at his body.
Sandy-blond hair brushed his broad shoulders. He wore it loose, a custom in several neighboring kingdoms. Behind his black domino, blue-green eyes glittered in the candlelight.
“Good evening, Prince…”
She trailed off, hoping he would supply his name as none came to her mind. He remained silent, studying her with his sea-colored eyes. She lifted a brow at his silence.
“I'm sorry, but you have me at a disadvantage. I don't know your name.”
A grin crept across his face, sending unfamiliar tingles racing down her spine to settle as a warm glow in her stomach. Her lips curved in response—she couldn't help it. Something about him called out to her.
From the smile alone, she knew he wasn't like the others—stuffy, pompous. No, he would be witty and charming, someone she would enjoy being with for at least fifteen minutes, if not longer. For the first time tonight, she looked forward to her dance partner.
“Revealing my name defeats the purpose of a masquerade, does it not?”
His voice sounded low and gruff, not smooth and cultured like the princes she usually spoke with. Another piece to add to the mystery of who he was.
She tipped her head forward, silently acknowledging his point. “TouchĂ©. But what shall I call you, Your Highness?”
His grin widened. “I don't think names will be a problem, Princess.”



Meradeth Houston


I'm super thrilled to be introducing you to Meradeth Houston, author of the Sary Society series. If you haven't read these books yet, I highly recommend them!

A bit about Meradeth:
  • She’s a Northern California girl, but now lives and teaches anthropology in Montana.
  • When she’s not writing, she’s sequencing dead people’s DNA. For fun!
  • She’s been writing since she was 11 years old. It's her hobby, her passion, and she’s so happy to get to share her work!
  • If she could have a super-power, it would totally be flying. Which is a little strange, because she’s terrified of heights.

Remember the books I mentioned? Well, there's a sale going on for book 2 in the series. 

“They are everywhere, can be anyone, and are always the last person you’d expect.”

Get your copy today for $0.99
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Don't forget to check out Book 1 in the series:

"Julia has a secret: she killed the guy she loved. It was an accident--sort of." 

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Or the recently released book 3:

"Gabby lives by two unbreakable rules: don’t expose her kind, the Sary, and don’t fall in love—too bad some rules are made to be broken."

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