Thursday, June 9, 2011


I love hockey.  Fortunately for me, I live in an area that has an AHL team- The Binghamton Senators.

Tuesday night the Senators did something the other hockey teams from this area hadn't been able to do in 38 years.  They won the Calder Cup, after winning 4 games to the Houston Aeros 2 in a best of 7 series.

We went to the parade for them last night.  It was great seeing the support from all the locals and really cool to see the cup (very neat looking trophy).

So, Congratulations, B-Sens!!! And here's to a great season next year!


  1. I'm happy for B-Sens! But I have to say I'm so glad my kids didn't pick up hockey. It's so early and cold.

  2. My son is chomping at the bit to play--I found out he will be a lot like the Robin Lehner (the goalie) if he starts this year. Robin started playing at age 10, which is my sons age. And my son wants to be a goalie.

  3. Mary, I can identify! Last year when the Chicago Blackhawks won the stanley cup, my whole family had hockey fever. Their GM and several players attend my kids school and when they brought the cup there for us to see, I was overwhelmed with how exciting it was. Fingers crossed that my kids stick with tennis though - I've seen too many missing teeth and concussions to endorse them playing:)

  4. We said if Pittsburgh wins it again, we are going for their celebration! And, yeah, the concussions are a concern, but then there is letting them follow their dream. Tough choice.

  5. Awesome. I bet that a fun time.

  6. I love that your son has such great aspirations! I hope he's able to fulfill his dream of being a goalie! Kids do great things!

    Happy Friday!


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