Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Days to Christmas!

This weekend I finally started my Christmas shopping- I know, better late than never!  I have never waited this long to begin my shopping and hopefully, will never do so again!

Last week I printed of my MS of Sleeping Handsome and set about editing it.  I can happily say I am over 45000 words (yea!) and have done lots of polishing.  Now, I just need to sit back and wait to hear from my critique partners with their comments.

This will be a busy week for us.  My son has his first orchestra and chorus concert on Tuesday night (I'll be sure to let you know how it was!), and we are trying to make arrangements to see Tron on Wednesday.  I am working through Thursday, and on Sunday we are traveling to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra (they are awesome- if you ever get the chance to see them, do it.  In addition to great music, their light show is phenomenal!)

Oh, and in case you don't know, Lisa Shearin is posting the first three chapters of her upcoming book, Con and Conjure on her website today.  If you haven't read her before, check it out here.

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. I actually got my shopping done early this year. I have not heard of Lisa Shearin, but now that I have the link that you posted, I am going to start reading her. Thank you and have a great holiday!

  2. Regina- glad you enjoyed her work. She has a great blog, too!


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