Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WCC Wednesday

It's so hard to believe that today is the first day of December.  Christmas will be here before we know it!

I had hoped to have been querying by this time, (and did send some out) but am pleased that I am taking the time to really get this story where it needs to be.  I am so thankful for all my beta's who have been helping me. From finding typos and repetitious words to just being there to help me think through plot issues, you guys are the best!

Sleeping Handsome is short on words (I still need to tweak my ending, so I know I will add words there)  I was talking to Trisha about adding in a few scenes at the beginning with Kaylee (my MC), Daphne (a minor character) and then a few more with Kaylee and Devlin (my male MC).  I was worried it might slow the pace to the point of no return moment, yet without them, you don't really see the growth of the relationship with all these characters.  So, I am going to be working on these scenes this week.

I just started a temporary full time job (I put in for the permanent position, too- fingers crossed), and am trying to find time to work in my writing.  So far, it has been in fits and spurts, but hopefully as I adjust to the new time constraints, I will find a better writing schedule.

On the reading front, Trisha's story is moving right along.  The last section she sent me left me with a cliff hanger.  I look forward to seeing how she moves forward from here.  Will the boy find the girl?  Will the girl free herself?  There are so many ways she can go with this.

Fiona has set up a nice conflict in the past that can also play out in the present.  Her descriptions are still great, and I think I'm learning some Irish/Gaelic from it!

I read through to the end of Katie's WIP and now need some uninterrupted time to go back through and read through with my editing eye.

How are your WIP's going?  Are your beta's helping you?  Do you notice how often you use the same word in a paragraph, a page?  Are your characters constantly sighing? (Mine was-- thanks for pointing that out, Trisha!)  Can you say the same thing with two words instead of four?  These are all things I am trying to keep in mind now as I write.  Take a look at your work and see if you notice any of these habits and work at breaking them.

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