Monday, June 6, 2016


Wow! It's hard to believe an entire month has gone by already. Don't look, but we're almost halfway through the year. Didn't it just start a few weeks ago???

As Katie and Kai pointed out on twitter...I've been slacking. But, not with my #InkRipples posts (although this one is going up later in the day than usual.)

This month, we're talking movies.

I love movies. Truth be told, I prefer to watch them at home, but I've made it out to the theater for three flicks so far this year. What have I watched?

Deadpool. Superman vs. Batman. Captain America: Civil War.

Okay, so I have a thing for comic book/action movies. But, those aren't the only movies I've watched this year. I also watched Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly and Matthew MacFayden one) on Netflix. If I'd see the movie first, I'd probably have liked the book better as I really like this movie (and may have rewatched it a couple times).

The hubby and I watched I'll Follow You Down on Amazon. This is a time travel/sci-fi movie. And, while I'm really hit and miss with Sci-fi, I really enjoyed this movie.

Of course, having been out to the movies, I've made an "I want to see" list that contains the following:

X-Men: Apacalypse
Star Trek: Beyond
Suicide Squad
Jason Bourne
Doctor Strange
Rogue One

What movies have you seen this year? What are you looking forward to seeing? What's the one movie you have to stop and watch when you find it on TV (or Netflix or Amazon)?

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