Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trip to the Fair

The New York State Fair started this week, and yesterday we made our yearly trek to the event.  On a record breaking attendance day, no less. 

We had a very good time wandering around the exhibits.  We spent some time listening to Adam Richmond, of the Travel Channel's Man vs Food (unfortunately there were microphone issues-- seriously, you couldn't see a stand mic wouldn't work for doing a cooking demonstration???), so we left before his demonstration was finished.

We had great food.  A garbage plate for lunch, and German meal for dinner, as well as a healthy sampling of the maple foods booth (coffee, donut, slushie, sno-cone, and ice cream between the three of us!)

The cap of the day, for me at least, was seeing Styx in concert (a free concert, no less!)  It was wonderful! (Except for the rude people who kept shoving their way around us, trying to break through the barrier to a walk way we were standing next to. ) It was great to hear the songs I love-- and to hear the crowd sing along with the band!!!! It was the largest crowd I have ever seen at the free concert area in all the years we have been attending.

On the way out, I was reminded of how disgustingly rude people are becoming as we walked through discarded cups, bottles, and other trash people had dropped on the ground where they stood, instead of walking just a few feet to a garbage/recycling can.  This lack of respect still amazes me.

Still, a wonderful time was had!

What I'm Working On:

- Putting the finishing touches on Quest of the Hart and hope to be sending out queries this week.
- Finished up a query letter to send out (with lots of comments to work at improving it from the Query Critique page at Writer's Digest)
- Finished chapter 2 of The Lost Princess and sent that off to Katie for comments.

Upcoming Posts:

-Writing with a plot summary
-Trying a new writing process-one chapter at a time

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where I write, What I listen to and other fun facts!

I often find myself sitting on the couch with my netbook (just like I am now) when I write.  I have a office area I made upstairs in our second story, but with the summer heat, I find myself staying out of there more often than not.

I mostly work on my netbook, although I do sometimes use the desktop--usually so I can see multiple pages at a time on the large monitor.  I also hand write some of my scenes and transcribe them.  This is usually a result of ideas that came while I was sleeping, or not near the computer.

While I am writing, I find I enjoy listening to instrumental music.  I can, and do, write with the TV on, the family chatting all around me, or in the sounds of nature (when I am camping with family and friends).  With Quest of the Hart I used my Zune and listened mostly to Dark Passion Play (Instrumental) by Nightwish, some Harry Potter soundtracks, some Lord of the Rings soundtracks, the soundtrack from The Mummy, and the soundtrack from Highlander.  And on days when I didn't turn on the Zune, I would put on the Silver Screen channel on DirecTV.

I shouldn't be surprised by how well the music helps me to focus, but I often am.  Many times, I don't even realize I am listening to anything as the words just pour out as the scene unfolds before my eyes.

If you're having problems trying to get your scene to go, try listening to a movie soundtrack or writing on paper instead of the computer, or writing in a different place-- to see if it gets your muse started.

So, where do you write?  Do you listen to anything?  I know Katie, my critique partner answered these questions the other day on her blog.

What I'm Working On:
This week I am working on Chapter 1 of what I am tentatively calling The Lost Princess.  It follows Prince Trevor, brother to Kaylee (Quest of the Hart) as he searches to find out what happened eight years ago when his betrothed disappeared.

What I am Reading:
I started Fast Track by Fern Michaels, but haven't gotten very far with it.

Upcoming Posts:
Alice in Wonderland pictures of my Gryphon (AKA- Dear Son!)
(Camping) Recipe exchange

Friday, August 13, 2010

Camping and Show Week

Last weekend I split my time between camping with friends and ferrying Dear Son to practice and fittings for his show.  While it made for a busy weekend, it was great seeing everyone who we haven't seen in so long.

I know several of you asked for me to post some recipes here and do a recipe type exchange of things we cook for camping.  I will try and make a post for that next week.

This week went from busy to insane, but somehow we made it through!  Brett's show is this weekend, then, other than work next week, things should slow down just in time for school to start :)

Brett has the part of the Gryphon in the musical Alice in Wonderland.  It is his first show, and he is very excited about it.  I will post up pictures for you all of him in his costume.

What I'm Working On:
This week I've been working on a new story.  It is the tale of Trevor and Sabrina (two characters from Quest of the Hart.  I wrote the prologue and have a draft for the beginnings of the first chapter.  Katie will be getting the prologue this weekend.  I am using the working title of The Lost Princess for now.  I am excited to work on this story with someone editing as I write-- it will be a new experience for me, and I am hoping it will improve my writing.

I am also fine tuning my query letter so it is ready to go after I get my feedback from Katie.

What I'm Reading:
Hunted by Katie Taylor- I am finishing up my read through on it from start to finish

On the Prowl by Patricia Briggs and others- I read Patricia's story so far- the introduction to her Alpha and Omega series.  It was great.  I have now read three of the books (in complete reverse order- which, turned out OK- I kept wanting to find out what had happened before and an interested in seeing where they go next.)

Upcoming Posts:
What I listen to while writing
Where I write
(Camping) Recipe exchange