Ripples in the Inkwell

#InkRipples is a themed meme, posted on the first Monday of every month, hosted by Katie L. Carroll, Kai Strand, and me, Mary Waibel

If you would like to participate compose your own post regarding the theme of the month, include any of the images displayed on this page, and link back to our three blogs. Feel free to post whenever you want during the month, but be sure to include #InkRipples when you promote so readers can find you. The idea is that we toss a word or idea into the inkwell and each post is a new ripple. There is no wrong interpretation of theme.

2016 Themes:
January - Travel
February - Chocolate
March - Feminism
April - Poetry
May - Memories
June - Movies
July - Inspiration
August - Guilty Pleasures
September - Banned Books
October - Masks
November - Heritage
December - Cookies

Image Memes:
Please feel free to use any of these images with your post. Just remember to use hashtag (#InkRipples) and to link back to Katie, Kai, and I so we can help spread your ripples! 

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