Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WCC Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Sorry for the late post- didn't get a chance to post before I was off to work.  BEfore I get to my post, I need to give a shout out to PK Hrezo and thank her for the nice shiny award on the right.  Tomorrow's post will be all about that award and passing it on to others!

I am working on chapters 12 and 13 this week, and am nearing the end of this story.  When I sent chapter 11 out last week to Katie and Fiona, I realized, after I hit send, that I let out a piece of information earlier than I had intended.  After a day of thinking about this, I realized that my character was leading me down the right path by revealing this now.  It gave me time to develop another character a bit and give a bigger "a-ha" moment in chapter 14 (where I originally planned on putting this information.)  I will have to wait and see from Fiona and Katie if my timing was right, though.  They always catch those things, like great critique partners do.

Katie has told me she is nearing the end of The Vampire Slave, as well.  Lilly (her MC) has found herself in quite a pickle and I am curious to see how she is going to get out of it.  Her world is full of interesting characters and otherworldly creatures with richly described settings so you feel like you are there.  She always leaves me wanting more.

Fiona's story is quite different.  It takes place in the present and the past, and she has done an excellent job of interweaving these time shifts.  Her MC, Lana, has been transplanted to a new country and is having problems fitting in.  Fiona captures all the angst and longing a teenager would have in that situation with great comments and remarks from Lana.  I can not wait until the past and present collide and Lana learns about The Path Through the Mist. (Isn't that an awesome title?)

Hopefully, next week, I can say I finished The Lost Princess, so I have time to get some plotting done for NaNoWriMo.  My goal is to write 50,000 words in November on a different story (The Ruby Dagger), then come back to TLP for some editing.  So, to reach that goal, I am off now to do some writing!


  1. I love it when the "a-ha" happens! I like your new title "The Ruby Dagger." that alone makes me want to read it.

    And I'm interested to learn 5 things about you... I totally forgot to do that. LOL! I'll have to make up for it with my next post. :)

  2. Fiona's story sounds like an interesting read, =). I'm going to get to TLP tonight & tomorrow. I went to my mum's tonight so didn't get a chance. Sorry!



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