Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WCC Wednesday

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  I meant to post after I got home from work, and well.... Yeah, that didn't happen.

So, Happy Wednesday.  Four more days to Halloween.  Do you have your costume ready???  I am still putting the final touches on our Halloween party.  If you know any cool games for kids and adults, let me know-- I could use a few ideas.

This week I am working on finishing The Lost Princess.  I have the final chapter to work on (and hopefully finish today) before I send it off to Katie and Fiona for their thoughts.  This it the first draft, and as I have gotten closer to the end, I realized a few things I need to go back and add in.  But, that will be for December as I am working on a different project for NaNo in November.

Katie and Fiona's stories are both moving right along.  Fiona is setting up a time shift that she wants me to read in one full swoop, and I am looking forward to that.  I can not tell you how great she is at great description with few words.  Her word choices are very well thought out.  (If it can be said in one word, it is!)

Katie has set up a nice conflict with a relative of Lilly's.  I am not certain I trust this person, yet at the same time I want to trust her.  Katie is doing a great job with her.

So, how are your WIP's coming?  Do you need a critique partner?  If so, check out the Weekly Chapter Challenge at Writer's Digest.  Happy writing!


  1. Yay for NaNo! I am participating this year in an unofficial way.

  2. Elana- I know another author participating in the way you are (she because she is getting her edits for her book from her agent on Nov 1), and have no problem with it.

    This is my first time NaNoing, and I am looking forward to it.


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