Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WCC Wednesday

Today I am sending a special Thank You to Elana Johnson for the book she wrote, From the Query to the Call.  You can download it for free from her website.  I read through it last night, and have already seen areas of my query letter that can be improved from her advice.

 Now onto my regularly scheduled post!

I have been working on my NaNo project and reworking it.  So far this week, most of my writing has been in my head.  Work and life have been quite busy, so getting my thoughts onto paper has been a challenge.  I was able to get three chapters done and off to my critique partners over the weekend, so here's hoping I can get my next three done before this weekend.  I am working this version as a panster, and I find myself second guessing a lot.  I enjoy seeing where my characters are taking me, but I had to rein them in as they wanted to rush some things I think need to wait to play out.

Trisha sent of the first chapter of a new work for me to look at (one she's co-authoring which I think is soooo cool!)  She is quite a talented author, and I can't wait to read the edits she has been working on for her agent.

Fiona is tweaking her WIP and will be sending me more as soon as she has it ready.

Katie and I have been talking about some changes for her WIP, and I am still getting back to her with edits on the remainder of what I have.

How are your WIP's going?  Are you panster-ing it?  Or, do you have a detailed plot summary you are following?  What are the pros and cons you've found for your writing style?


  1. Good questions Mary and awesome group of writers you're working with:) I tend to be a planner - by chapter at least. I need an overall idea of where the book is going, but also a clear and defined sense of what I need to accomplish in the chapter I'm settling in to write. An outline, nah. . .just a little chalboard in my mind will do:)

  2. I keep a journal for each writing project, and do outline to an extent. It helps me to know where the story's going, and is a way to be sure all the pieces will fit. But it's not set in stone, and I will vary it when the muse inspires me to!


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