Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Well, it's official.  Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers.  The Pittsburgh Steelers did manage to make a game of it, but in the end, they shot themselves in the foot (or feet!)

Usually one of my favorite parts of the Superbowl is the commercials.  This year, there is only 2 that stood out in my mind.  The Coke commercial with the dragons and the bud commercial with the sword fighting.  (What can I say-- I'm a sucker for fantasy.)  Overall, I was rather disappointed with the commercials that we saw.  Many of them had me scratching my head as to what they were actually trying to advertise!

How about you?  Did you have a favorite commercial?  Did the game go the way you wanted?  Share below, and have a great Monday!


  1. I really only caught the second half and was shocked to see mostly boring commercials! Maybe all of the good ones were in the first half???

  2. Yup . . those commercials sound about right for you to love!

  3. i didn't even watch it this year. Too much going on. The dragon commercial sounds cool tho!


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