Thursday, February 10, 2011

When You Don't Want To

Last night I went swimming with a couple of friends.  At first I wanted to beg off as it was really cold out, but I went anyway. (If my one friend had a cold and could go, so could I!)  We had a great time, and got in  a good work out, and I was very happy I had gone.

Lately that's how my writing has been.  I keep putting off working on writing out my WIP (my brain is always working on the scenes and letting me see where I need to go), then I make myself sit down and write it out as I have people waiting to read it (thankfully!).   Some days it goes better than others, but I almost always find I am happy that I have finished more of my work.  It is an awesome feeling to watch something you are creating take shape in front of your eyes.

How about you?  Do you run willingly to the computer (paper/pen) and write, or are there times that you have to force yourself to do it?  How do you feel afterward? 


  1. It varies. Most of the time I want to get to the computer so bad, but ya know, life happens and when you have a family there are so many other things that come first. I use the time I can't get to it, to just let all my ideas, scenes, and characters marinate. I'm usually grateful and better prepared when I do get the chance to write. The only time I feel forced is when I'm stuck on something, or I'm doing revisions. It's a love hate relationship when it comes to revisions. I'm sure you know what I mean. Great post!

  2. My brain thinks of 1,000 things to put into my WIPs but sometimes I lack the enthusiasm to sit down and put it all down. I will play scenes in my head all day but not always put it down at the computer. I need to get better about it.


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