Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi all!  Sorry for being off line last week, but when you look at the pictures below, I am certain you will understand my absence.  We have been remodeling our upstairs into a bedroom for my son.  While it is not quite done yet (who knew one kid could have so much stuff to sort through!), we are a longs ways from where we were last week at this time.

Last Monday when I left for work, the room looked like this:

When I came home from work it looked like this:

When I went to bed it looked like this:

Tomorrow I'll share the transformation my son's old room has been going through (as well as the rest of my house!)

PS!  Special thanks to Regina for the blog award on Friday!  I promise to share more about it by early next week!


  1. Wow, that's fantastic! Good work and enjoy the new space:)

  2. Yipee. I know you have been working on that remodel for some time now.


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