Friday, October 30, 2009

Where did October go?

Wow- I can't believe it is the end of October already. It was such a busy month here. I am putting in my request t the scheduling gods that next year all the things that I need/want to do in October be spread out a little more.

The 4-7 of the month found me in Albany for training for work. I attended classes, taught a class, carted stuff around, and hung out and partied with a great group of friends (I had an absolute blast and my co-worker saw me let my hair down for the first time ever!!!!)

I returned home on Wednesday, worked on Thursday and Friday found me packing up for a weekend trip to Ives Run State Park with our camping buddies from the internet. I know- we're crazy. I still remember when, about 6 years ago, my DH told me he had just booked a camping trip for us with a group of people he had been chatting with online. I believe I said, or at least thought, "Are you nuts?" We had a great time and could not have asked for nicer people to hang out with. We try to hit at least one trip with all of them a year.

During the trip I picked up a miserable cold which tried to keep me from having fun (it did not succeed, it just kept me from staying up late). We had a great time. My DS and the other kids had a Hickory Nut factory going. They were cracking open the nuts, taking out the meat inside, and piling them up to cook over the campfire.

After this trip, my good friend and I took a trip to Ohio to an Eric Church concert. As my DH will say, I did not go to the concert to see Eric Church, but to see Christian Kane. Christian and his band were the opening act. They did a great job (even though he was sick and losing his voice). My only complaint is that the Church fans where we were sitting were rather rude- chatting through the whole set. I know they weren't there to see the opening band, but still, have we lost all of our manners?

If you are interested in the photos and video that I have from the concert it can be found here. (Link has been fixed). I used the new camera DH bought for us. It takes HD video and is good in low light- great camera and easy to use (thanks, honey!!!). I have 2 videos in here- the first is very short as I thought I was recording, but wasn't- got the whole second song, though.

Now we are getting ready to host a Halloween party for family and friends. Hopefully things will slow down here a little and I will get back to work on my writing. I have decided to hold off on sending my Princess story to Lulu. I am thinking my Princess might be too MarySue (For those of you who, like me, had never heard this term before, it means she can do anything, always saves the day, never has any problems, etc.) So, I am still thinking about what to do with this, as well as working out the logistics of my knight story. If you are interested in giving an opinion, let me know- I can use all the eyes I can get.

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