Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Case of the Sticky Hand

Remember those sticky hand things you could get at the store?  You fling it on things and it sticks until you peel it off?  No?  Does this help jog the memory?

My son came home from visiting Grandma with a blue one of these. (Note to those of you with kids-- don't leave them on white walls for extended periods of time-- they will leave color on the wall.  At least his did.) Tonight as I was surfing the net, I reached over to drink my cooling cup of coffee, only to discover something was floating in the cup.  The sticky hand.  No one knows how it came to be in the cup I had been drinking from for about 30 minutes, but there it was.  Three adults and one child had no idea where it had come from. I figured my son set it in the cup instead of on the table, and dear hubby wondered if it had been a gift from my cat.  Either way, it wasn't what I had wanted in my drink.  My son graciously took care of it and got me a fresh cup of coffee (after dumping and rinsing out the other.)

What strange gifts have your kids or pets left you that you?


  1. Ew LOL. I always find strange stuff. I often find toys in my bed because they kids use our bed as a "ship" sometimes when they play. Rolling over onto a plastic sword in the middle of the night isn't as great as it sounds FYI:)

  2. That's hilarious. We used to leave things on purpose around here. We went to the beach one year and found this sticky, nasty feeling frog toy. To touch it was nauseating. The hubbs and I bought two and placed them at the bottom of our daughters beds. When their feet found the end of the covers that first night back, I think they both ended up airborne when they jumped out of bed. From then on the disgusting frogs made their way around the house. I'd find one in the shower, the other in the crisper, or the deli drawer of the fridge, in my makeup bag, the dishwasher. You get the picture. It was startling to my mother in law one evening who went for some lettuce. Oops, not everyone has our sense of humor.

  3. Oh, I meant to mention. Love the look of the blog! Way kewel.


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