Monday, September 30, 2013

News, Updates, and Changes

Hi all! Can you believe that tomorrow it will be October?
I can't believe how fast this year is going. It's certainly been an exciting one!

And speaking of exciting, let's get to the news, updates, and changes!!


If you haven't had a chance to pick up 
Quest of the Hart  or Charmed Memories, 
they are on sale until October 6th!

Buy Links For Quest:                Buy Links for Charmed:
MuseItUpPublishing                  MuseItUp
Amazon                                       Amazon
Barnes and Noble                       Barnes and Noble 
Kobo                                           Kobo 
iBooks                                        iBooks

To all of you who helped get out the word this weekend (and this week!) THANKS!! And to those who made purchases, a HUGE THANKS!! If you enjoy them, please, tell a friend or post an honest review. I'd really love to hear what you thought!


My first round of edits for Different Kind of Knight have been 
sent back to my awesome editor, Judy Roth.  Now, I'm just waiting
for the next round and then line edits, galley, and release day!

If you'd like to keep up with current news on my WIP's, upcoming release
dates, special offers from me (and hopefully some of my writerly friends)
be sure to sign up for my newsletter (over there on the right, or on my 

And that leads me to my changes. In an effort to keep more in touch with
all of you, I am changing up things here at the blog. I'll still blog Mondays and
Thursdays (and occasionally others days as needed) but these will be dedicated
to HOW AUTHORS WRITE posts, and hosting fellow authors as they talk about
new releases, their WIPS and things like that.

I am going to start using Facebook to give you more daily updates about what I'm
working on and how things are going. (If you saw over the weekend, last week 
was not a very productive week for me writing wise.) I've noticed noticed many of 
the authors I read (and follow) are doing this, and I really appreciate hearing
their news this way. So, if you want to know, be sure to follow me on Facebook.


  1. Sounds like a good change-up, Mary! Best of luck :)

  2. Sounds great! I'm so thrilled step one is down for DKK!! :)


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