Monday, December 16, 2013

Introducing Cait from Fire of Stars and Dragons

Today I am excited to share with you my interview with Cait, from Melissa Petreshock's Fire of Stars and Dragons.

King Corrin insisted I return to Boston to meet with Cait. Even though I considered saying no, it was only for a moment, as I got to fly in the private jet again. Seriously, who would say no to that?

I met with her at the Copley Marriott, in the same room I met King Corrin.Even though I'd dressed up a bit, I still felt a bit frumpy compared to Cait in her simple blue dress and heels. I tried to figure out the designer, but fashion's not really my thing. Now jewelry is a different story, and the silver Celtic woven knot ring that flashed on her right hand was clearly an heirloom piece.

MW: Cait, thank you so much visiting with me. I've had the pleasure of speaking with two of your three suitors, and I must say, you have one tough choice ahead of you.

I caught a hint of an eye roll, followed by a sigh and a tight smile. 

Cait: You’re welcome, Mary… And yes, tough would certainly be one word to describe the situation.

Her words were coated with the accent expected of a native of Boston. 

MW: I tried to imagine what I would do in your situation, and knew it would involve a list of some sort as I am an avid list maker! So, if you were making a list, what would you say is one thing about each of your suitors that endears them to you?

Cait: One thing… about each of them. She stared at me then blinked. Um… Let me just name their best physical feature, in my personal opinion. Theo has the sexiest hair ever-jet black, just a little bit of wave to it, brushes over his shoulders perfectly when he moves. Amazing. Dante’s eyes are incredible. I had to get used to the way they change, their intensity and brightness with his moods and all. He’s the first demigod I’ve ever known… But those vivid blue eyes of his are absolutely unreal. Corrin… She laughed gently. Corrin has these dimples and faint freckles across his cheeks that are heart stoppingly adorable. They lessen the harshness of facing the fact he’s- She made air quotes here-“King Corrin”. So… Yeah. There you go.

MW: Mmm. I'm totally an eye girl, so that would be a bonus to Dante. Now, I'm sure each of these suitors has something you don't like about them. So, what is something you wish you could change?

A very unlady like snort escapes as Cait laughs.

Cait: Corrin could get over himself. That would be a start… Dante could stand to lighten up. I don’t think he speaks sarcasm very fluently, maybe not at all… And Theo needs to stop being so hard on himself. These dragons are heavy on the whole honor and duty thing. It’s a bit much.

MW: After meeting King Corrin, I'd have to say I agree with that sentiment. I didn't use any sarcasm when I spoke with Dante, but I can see where he might take things a little too literally. As for Theo, I haven't had the pleasure of speaking with him yet, so I thank you for that bit of insight to him. In general, we tend to size people up by what we see or hear about them. What's something that surprised you about your suitors. or something they did that was completely unexpected to you?

Cait: Wow… So much of this has been unexpected already. She grinned and giggled, reminding me a bit of a school girl. Theo has a sense of humor. I always thought of dragons as being all serious, but he’s quick with the sarcasm, which I love. I don’t know if all of them are like that, but at least Theo is. Dante isn’t all high and mighty god-like or anything. He’s sweet. And Corrin, well, when I first went inside his penthouse apartment, I saw things that gave me an insight into the personal side of him that was a lot different than I expected. Corrin and King Corrin aren’t exactly the same. There’s two sides to him.

MW: Hmm. That's interesting. I can't wait to read about this other side to King Corrin. You seem to have a lot going into the plus side for each of them. So, what's the one thing one of your suitors could do to tip the balance, so to speak, and ensure you chose them as husband?

Cait: Considering I’m limited on options, I don’t know that sweeping me off my feet with the greatest love imaginable is realistic. She rolled her eyes. But they damn well better respect the fact I’m a person, not an object or piece of property just because I’m female. Treat me as an equal. That’s a winner of an idea.
MW: That's a unique thing to be looking for. I wonder which one of them will figure it out! I glanced at my watch and groaned. Time was almost up. Do you have time for a few quick fire questions, just to give us a better sense of your personal tastes?

Cait: Sure. Why not… The longer I’m with you, the longer I can avoid the tension with any of them.

MW: Wonderful. Just go with your gut for these. Coffee or tea?

Cait: Coffee. Lots of it.

MW: Wine or beer?

Cait: Refined women always drink wine… Beer.

MW: I laughed. Chocolate or bacon?

Cait: She tossed her arms up in the air and excitement glitters in her eyes as she shouted Bacon!

MW: Work or pleasure?

Cait: My Uncle Thomas worked his ass off to ensure I’d never have to do without, never need to work if I didn’t want to, but also taught me the importance of helping those less fortunate than us. I hope I always do things I enjoy that work to help others… So, work for pleasure.

MW: Great answer. Dining in or eating out?

Cait: She laughed obnoxiously loud. If you have to ask me this, you never read the tabloid article about me setting our penthouse on fire trying to cook pasta when I was seventeen… Eating out, definitely. I’m dangerous in a kitchen.

MW: Nope, I never heard about that, but I would choose eating out after something like that too. We laughed together. Thank you so much, Cait, and I wish you the best of luck with your choice!

Cait: You’re welcome, Mary… And thanks, I might need that extra luck.


  1. Thanks for having Cait on for this interview. Sorry King Corrin had to be difficult. ;-)

    I hope you're looking forward to meeting Theo next month! He's just so *SWOON*!

    1. I am sooo looking forward to Theo. *Swoon!*

      And King Corrin was fine. I enjoyed the jet :-)


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