Monday, May 11, 2015


Earlier this year I received an e-mail update from Book Marketing Tools where Leeland Artra talked about using Twitter Teams to spread interesting facts about each other on Twitter. I shared this article with Kai Strand and Katie Carroll, and we decided that in addition to that, we'd take a monthly theme and post about it on the second Monday of each month.

So, here it is, the second Monday of May. This month's theme? Change.

I've done a lot of changes on the blog this year. Defining themes for the days I post, and sticking with it (for the most part.) This has actually allowed me to write better posts and be more creative on the blog than in the past. And, it has given me focus, which I really needed.

Writing wise, I've been trying to find focus, too. I feel like I'm dabbling in different genres, trying to find the one that fits me best. Yes, I know authors can (and do) write more than one genre, but I feel like I've lost sight of who my target audience is and how to connect with them. With this in mind, I think where I go with my writing will be the biggest change I make this year.

What about you? What changes have you made or are you going to make? Share in the comments below. Or, if you're a blogger, join our meme and help us create more ripples in the inkwell. Be sure to tag us (Katie L. CarrollKai StrandMary Waibel) in the post and use #inkripples when promoting your post so we can help share!

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  1. So excited that all our first posts are up! I think focus is always good to have in our writing. Makes it easier to be productive.

    1. I'm excited too! So glad you guys agreed to jump into this with me.

      And yes, focus does make it easier to be productive. Now to stop finding ways to procrastinate! :-)

  2. I admire the focus you've shown this year. I've done almost the exact opposite and really stepped away from my previously focused career so I can find the joy again. It's a kind of focus of its own, I guess. Lol! Thanks for including me in this fun new project!

    1. Aww, thanks Kai! It's funny you say that, as I am feeling very unfocused right now.

      Here's hoping you find the joy again!!

      And thanks for joining in. :-)


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