Monday, June 29, 2015

Sneak Peek

Last Monday I shared with you the cover and book blurb for The Boyfriend Project. Today I thought I'd share an excerpt from the book. Here's a scene with Sam (Samantha) and her BFF Emery. We pick it up in the middle of the chapter where Emery is trying to convince Sam to ask Jordan out.

“Look, you’ve been friends forever, but sweetie, you like him like him. And it kills me to watch you moon over him. You need to make the first move here, ‘cause it’s clear Mr. All-Skate won’t.”
I rolled my eyes at her mashed-up nickname for Jordan.  “Then it won’t happen.”
“Why won’t you ask him?”
Easing my hand from under hers, I saved the document and turned off the computer, muttering, “The guy’s supposed to make the first move.”
Emery laughed. “Come on, it’s not like it’s the twelfth century.”
I gave her a withering stare. “Duh.”
So….” She drew the word out, and I turned toward her. I wouldn’t get any more work done until she spoke her peace. “Why don’t you show us what a modern woman would do?”
“I guess I don’t know what one would do.” My face burned with my admission. Soon she’d be asking me to turn in my girl card. Seriously. What sixteen year old girl couldn’t ask a guy out?
“Come on, Sam. You asked Keith out, you can ask Jordan out.”
I jumped up and paced the room unable to contain the nervous energy zipping through my body. “Keith was different. It didn’t matter if he turned me down. But if Jordan says no it’ll ruin our friendship. Then what do I do?” I stopped and faced her, twisting my hands as I thought about how awful that would be. “Besides, there’s no guarantee that he likes me that way.”
Then why don’t we find out?” Emery got up and walked over to my bookshelves, her finger gliding over the spines of my favorite books.
How? It’s not like I can send him a note that says if you like me circle yes, if not, circle no.”
Emery snorted. “Wow. A note? What is this, elementary school?”
I shrugged. “It worked before.”
Yes, but you were in first grade. A note was perfect then.”
Except he couldn’t read it and took it to Mrs. Greene for her to read to him.” My lips twitched with the memory.
Emery burst out laughing. “Oh, I’d forgotten that.” She wiped a tear from her eye. “So, let’s move to the high school version of note passing.”
We should just leave it alone.”
No. We need a foolproof plan. Like the ones the heroines use in these.” She pointed to my collection of romance novels.
Yeah because their plans worked so well.” Not. Their plans always ended up backfiring and leading to more angst before reaching a happy-ever-after. While the stories were entertaining to read, and I loved them, it didn’t mean I wanted my life to imitate fiction.
They do. Come on, Sam, you know the girl always gets her guy in the end.”
“Yeah. The very long-away-from-the-failed-attempt-that-made-things-worse end.” I shoved a hand into my curls. “This is the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever had. No. I am not doing this.”
“Sure you are.” She hummed as she studied the books on the shelf. After a minute, she pulled out one and handed it to me. “This one would be perfect.”
My eyebrows rose as I stared at the cover. “You can’t be serious.”
I’m completely serious.” She looked at me, her eyes glittering, silently daring me to say no.
I flipped the book over and read the back cover, remembering what the story was about. Before I read the second paragraph, I jerked my head up and gaped at Emery. The girl streaks in this one to get the guy’s attention. I am not streaking for Jordan!”
“Alright. I admit it’s more something that I would do than you, but…it would be fun.” She flashed a grin, her eyes lighting up. “What if we get him to streak for you?”
My cheeks heated at the thought. True, the idea of a naked Jordan was quite appealing, but I’d never tell Emery that. She’d march over to Jordan’s and convince him he had to strip for me. “No. No streaking.”
“Such a shame. I wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse of that mighty fine boy.”
I rolled my eyes. “He’s not a boy.”
“No,” her grin widened, “he’s a prime example of manhood. One that makes me drool. Not that I’d poach on your man or anything.”
“Seriously?” I shook my head. It was bad enough being in love with Jordan without hearing my BFF lusted after him too.
“I’d never think of crossing that line. Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.” Emery drew an ‘x’ over her heart as she swore our sacred oath. “But if he happened to rescue me from a tumble on the ice…” Emery’s lips curled up so slowly that I shivered in apprehension. “I’ve got the perfect plan.”
“No.” I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at my BFF.

“Come on, Sam. Trust me. It’s foolproof, especially for you. Just be your normal damsel in distress self.”

Book Blurb:

Samantha Jones’ world revolves around her neighbor, Jordan Kingsley. In fact, her boyfriend broke up with her because of the time she spends with Jordan. Sam longs to move their relationship to boyfriend/girlfriend level but there’s a problem. She’s afraid to ask him out because he’s one of her closest friends.

When her BFF, Emery, suggests using advice from her favorite romance novels, Sam reluctantly agrees. But will she find herself worse off than the heroines of her beloved stories?

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  1. Congrats Mary! This is such a fun story. I hope it finds many good homes all around the world :)

    1. Thanks Kai! I couldn't have done it without you!!

  2. Foolproof — famous last words.
    All the best with the new series.

    1. Thanks HK! And yeah, if you were rolling your eyes at foolproof, you should have been :-)


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