Monday, December 14, 2015


Can you believe it's almost the end of the year already? I'm continually amazed at how fast time passes each year.

I've really enjoyed these Ripples in the Inkwell posts and seeing how the topics we blog about ripple out through the blogosphere. That being said, I'm sad to say this is the last Ripples in the Inkwell post for the year. But don't despair, Katie Carroll, Kai Strand, and I have decided to continue the meme into 2016, with a few minor changes. We've streamlined the name to #InkRipples, and have new images to use. We've also moved our posts to the first Monday of the month. And, we've come up with a new set of topics for discussion in 2016. Check out these amazing topics!

January - Travel
February - Chocolate
March - Feminism
April - Poetry
May - Memories
June - Movies
July - Inspiration
August - Guilty Pleasures
September - Banned Books
October - Masks
November - Heritage
December - Cookies

The only thing that could make #InkRipples better is if you joined us in 2016. How do you join? I'm so glad you asked.

On the first Monday of the month, join us in blogging about the monthly topic. Did you say the first Monday doesn't work for you? That's fine, pick another day and post to spread your own ripple. Or share on your favorite social media using the hashtag #InkRipples. Or just comment on one of our posts. However you join, be sure to hashtag and link back to us so we can share your ripple.

There is no wrong way to participate in #InkRipples. It's all about taking a topic, and image, an idea and having a conversation, sharing ideas, and connecting through blog posts, tweets, shares, etcetera. So if this sounds at all interesting, please join us in whatever way you can. And feel free to use any of the meme's images included at the end of this post (or on the #InkRipples link of this blog).

And now, to the December theme of celebrations/gifts.

I'm going to take a spin on celebrations and share some of my family's traditions. 

In our house, we are very adamant about not having any holiday jumping. So, over the years, we've developed a tradition of putting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It will stay up, and lit when we're home, until after the new year.

We also have a tradition of opening our stocking gifts on Christmas Eve. These usually consist of favorite candies and small treats, but it's something we look forward to each year.

Another almost-annual tradition we have is going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas tour. If you have never seen this group, I highly recommend them. Head on over to this channel on YouTube and check out some of their show. I'm sure it will help put you in the holiday spirit.

What are your holiday traditions and celebrations? Share in the comments below and don't miss Katie and Kai's posts!  Hope to see you making ripples with us now and in the next year!!


  1. Traditions are fun. We trek out into the woods to cut our tree down each year. An outing made even more fun by the falling snow this year. A beautiful day in the forest with the family.

    1. How lovely! And a great tradition. Sadly, I'm allergic to the real trees, so we do an artificial one.

      And I'm a bit jealous of you and your snow. We have none. And it a balmy 60 something degrees today. Kind of strange weather for December!

  2. Those are great traditions, Mary! We have a new one that started last year. We go to my brother-in-law's house on Christmas Eve (he's a firefighter) and Santa shows up on the fire truck to give out presents. The Boy loves it!

    1. What a great tradition! I can totally see The Boy loving that!!

      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  3. Our tradition is to join our god-family in what is basically a pot-luck dinner and just hang around and enjoy the conversations all through the evening. We stay overnight, so there is usually a great conversational breakfast the next morning.

    1. That sounds like a really fun tradition, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing.


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