Monday, May 2, 2016

#InkRipples - Memories

Memories. I've been thinking about memories a lot lately. Especially how they can change as we age.

A few weeks ago I began to wonder if one of my memories from my childhood had been made up, and it made me realize just how fragile our memories are.  Fortunately my memories weren't made up,  but the sad truth is that the memories of someone close to me are fading and changing.

Memories, like time, are fleeting. Snippets of our past that slip through our fingers like sand. The tighter we try to hold on to them, the faster they seem to race away. Still, I treasure the memories I have...even when I question the truth of them.

I'm no stranger to thinking about memories. Lost memories play an important part in  Charmed Memories, the second novel of my Princess of Valendria series. Imagine what you would do if suddenly you had no memory of your past, not even your name. Would you search until you learned who you were or would you turn your back on the past and create a new life? No spoilers'll have to read Charmed Memories to see what Bri does.

Do you treasure your memories? Have you ever doubted yours? Have you ever lost yours? What would you do if you did lose your memories? Share in the comments below.

In closing, last month's topic of poetry must have intrigued my muse, as I felt inclined to try my hand at writing a poem. So, here is my attempt at a poem on memories.


                       Inscribe on my soul the deeds of my youth,
                       so when I am old I can recall their truths.

                       Etch on my heart the joys and the sorrows
                       I shared with family and friends
                      for me to savor when my time is near end.

                      Allow not time to mar these marks on my soul and heart,
                      for if they are damaged what shall I recall of my past
                      before I depart?

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  1. That's a very beautiful poem, Mary. I've also included memory loss in some of my stories. It's an interesting idea to play with in writing. Memories are so individual because they are inseparable from our feelings we experienced along with them, and they do tend to soften and morph over time. You've left me with a lot to think about with you post.

    1. Thanks Katie.

      Memory loss is intriguing to play with, but quite frightening to see in real life. At least in stories there's the hope that things will be okay. That's not always the case in real life.

      Anyway...enough sadness for today (I'm blaming the gray skies outside for the melancholy).

      I love how you point out that memories are inseparable from our feelings. I think this might be why we cling to them so we can recall those feelings and relive them once again.

  2. Quite a nice poem, and an interesting post. I have never lost my memory, but I've read stories that involve someone with amnesia. To me that is one of the most frightening thing I can imagine --waking up one day in a place that feels strange, not knowing who you are or where you are or anything of your past.

    1. Thank, Elizabeth!

      And yes, I think amnesia would be terrifying to experience. Another terrifying thought would be learning your memories had been tampered with. How could you trust that the past you remember is true? And how much of what you remember is a lie? How do you determine truth from lie and do you really want to?

      Hmm...I think there's a story in there somewhere!

  3. I much prefer your lovely fictional Charmed Memories to the real life struggle of advanced Alzheimer's. The journey my dad has taken caring for his wife as she slips further from us is too heartbreaking. And I can't even imagine what it is for her. Yep, much prefer a sweet, fictionalized memory loss.

  4. Memories are tricky. It seems what I remember about an incident often isn't what others do. I enjoyed your poem. Thanks for posting it.

  5. Memories are tricky. It seems what I remember about an incident often isn't what others do. I enjoyed your poem. Thanks for posting it.


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