Friday, July 17, 2009

Leverage Season 2

Leverage started it's second season Wednesday night (I am soooo happy it is on again.)

I actually stumbled upon the show by accident this past spring. You see, my friend gave me the first two seasons of Angel to watch while I recuperated from surgery. (She really was only trying to be helpful). Another friend loaned me all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the rest of Angel so I could get the background of Angel (as it was a spin-off) and see how the shows were meant to play off of each other. (They were great. I loved them, much to the chagrin of my husband).

Because I had time on my hands, I started watching NCIS (I liked Mark Harmon in previous shows, and was curious about this one) and Bones (because of David Boreanas, aka Angel). Well, Michael Weatherly is in NCIS, and I was curious what else he was in (besides Dark Angel), so I did a search on him on the Tivo, and found the movie "Her Minor Thing", which I recorded and watched. The other male lead in the movie is Christian Kane- I immediately recognized him as the lawyer from Angel. (Very talented guy- acts, does his own stunts, and sings, too).

I did an IMDB search on Christian and saw he was in a series on TNT called Leverage. Well, of course I found this out after the season had ended, but had become very familiar with watching shows on the internet (how else could I catch up on 2 seasons of Bones?)

TNT had the entire season on-line, so I watched it in the order listed at IMDB. It was great, but a couple episodes seemed out of order, so I did a little digging and found that TNT had played them out of order (there is a great answer to why on Kung Fu Monkey- see blogs I'm following). So, I re-watched them in the correct order- much better.

The series is about of group of con-men (and women) led by a former insurance agent (who caught all of the thieves at one time) and how they work outside the law to help people the law doesn't help. The characters are well written, and the actors work very well together.

So, Wednesday night I eagerly awaited the season premier (my husband, son, a friend and I played Rock Band to pass the time). And all I can say is, "Yeah!!!!"

I had a problem with the car crash (a little too unrealistic, but the cgi and explosion were awesome ). But the rest was great. Can't wait to see it next week.

For those of you interested in watching it, it airs at 9:00 PM on TNT. Enjoy!!!!!

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