Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Perfect Princess gets revised.....again

So, I've been working on writing a story. I thought I had it done and was ready to think about publishing it, but over the weekend I read through it and decided it still needs work.

Actually, I read three or four pages and decided I didn't like the way I started it (description of scene rather than action and dialogue) and I had made my main character too nice (as opposed to too witchy as she had been in a previous version.)

I've had a hard time capturing her- she is supposed to be the perfect pampered princess (but I still want her to be a nice girl, not a snob!) It's such a fine line. See, in this story, the perfect, pampered princess (who is really girly) has to rescue the prince. Along the way she learns what she really can do and who she really is and, of course, she learns about friendship and love.

I think I know where I am going with it now (after spending several days thinking about her in my mind) and will start working on my revisions. I'll let you know how it goes- I'm always looking for people to proof read for me.

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