Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have the girlie, girlie princess, so now I need the prince, right? But not just any prince. I mean, he shouldn't be like Prince Charming, or Prince Erik, or any of the other Disney princes. They are too perfect, like the princess. He can't be like Aladdin, 'cause let's face it, Aladdin is a reverse Cinderella story (with Aladdin being Cinderella).

The prince would need to be handsome, of course -this is a fairy tale of sorts after all. He would be skilled as a knight and the perfect gentleman. (Sounds like all the Disney guys, doesn't it). But what if his hair was longer than it should be? What if he preferred to dress more as a commoner than royalty? What if he thought a princess or queen should do more than look pretty? What if he was a little bit of a rebel?

How would my perfect princess react to him? (She would certainly be seeking a Disney type prince) Could the girlie girl fall for a prince like this? Could a prince like this fall for a girlie girl?

Hmm- I guess I'll have to get typing so you can see.

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