Thursday, November 18, 2010

Awards and stuff!

A huge thank you to T.C McKee for the From You to Me Award.

Isn't is great?  I am honored to receive this from her.  She has a great blog- you should check it out if you haven't already!

So, now 7 things about me:

1) I love my husband and son who make my life very interesting
2) I am addicted to reading-- will zip through a book in a few hours
3) I love to go camping with family and friends
4) I've never been further west than Wisconsin
5) I've only been out of the US when I went to Canada and to Jamaica (honeymoon)
6) I love playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero
7) Winter (with snow) is my favorite season

Now I will pass this off to some of my favorite bloggers:

EJ Wesley - Love his weekly Trailer Talk posts.

Trisha Leaver- A great critique partner who has wonderful writing advice on her blog.

M.L. Mansfield- Very encouraging posts for all writers.

Regina Linton- Regina has been posting snippets of her WIP for the last few weeks.  She has captured
                      the Domestic Violence wheel perfectly.

Be sure to collect your awards.  Have a great day!

Tomorrow's recipe will be what to do with all those leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner!


  1. Yay, You gave me an award. I am so happy!! Thanks for the shout out and I appreciate your feedback on my snippets and the DV wheel. :D

  2. Mary, I never said a proper thank you for this, but I'm planning to remedy that soon.

    Did I mention I suck? :)



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