Monday, November 15, 2010

Inner Critic vs Inner Pessimist

So, there you are, happily editing away at your WIP (Work in Progress), trying to get a finished MS (Manuscript) to send to an agents.  Your inner critic is helping you to see the words that are repetitive, or unnecessary.  You find the sentences and paragraphs that do nothing to move the story along.

Then, your inner critic changes.  What is this swill you are reading?  How could you possibly think an agent would want this?  This is awful.

This, my friends, is not the voice of your inner critic, but your inner pessimist.  My reared her head last night.  So, I stopped editing, went back and read through my work (correcting only typos), then closed the netbook down for the night to come back today with fresh eyes.

What do you do when the inner pessimist strikes?  Have you learned the difference between your critic and pessimist?  Share below!

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  1. my inner pessimist and I battle on a daily basis. Usually a hefty dose of chocolate sends him into hiding.


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