Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When All Else Fails

So, yesterday I talked about inner critic vs inner pessimist.  As I shared, I was having problems with my inner pessimist.  So, I did  what works best for me.  I asked someone with no emotional stake in my writing for their opinion, and my inner pessimist disappeared.

So, when all else fails in dealing with your inner pessimist, do you have someone to turn to? If not, give me a shout.  Sometimes it helps to have someone without an emotional investment take a look at your work.  I know it helped me.

Happy writing.  NaNo is halfway through.  How are your novels coming?


  1. Thanks for the reminder that NaNo is half-way done. Looks like I need to get back to the writing!

  2. That sounds like a great idea. I will keep that option open. I don't have too many people that I bounce ideas off of so it is good to know that you are available.

  3. Oh cool, we could always use a few more beta readers. I had a friend read my first draft, but he's one of those friends that tells the truth no matter what. I just love him. He's been so helpful, that is, when he's not being bru...tal!

  4. I agree. Nothing productive comes from pessimism. Ever seen that movie Extraordinary Measures? If not, you should. If you have, think of all that man had to go thru to accomplish his goal. But he did it, tho everything fought him every step of the way. It just reminds me to keep going.


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