Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are you sure there wasn't a natural disaster?

Well, I don't think anyone was more surprised about what was under my son's bed than I.  I mean, I knew he had things under there, and of course there was dust because we hadn't vacuumed in awhile, but this?

In fact, between all of the things from his room, and all the stuff we stored upstairs before the remodeling, my house looked like a bomb had gone off!  This is what my living room looked like from Monday until Wednesday night:

And my basement has been a disaster for most of the winter.  We are slowly making our way through the things down there, now that we have a place for them to go (namely son's new room!)

By Thursday morning, my living room was back to this:

Oh, what about my son's old room?  The one that is becoming my office?  Check back on Thursday for those transforming pictures!  You're not going to want to miss them!


  1. Office? You mean quiet, calm writing space right???? A place for your muse to have full creative freedom.

  2. Right now, I wish I had that developing office. Or not such loud dogs... Grr... There's nothing more devastating to a writer's muse and flow than two dogs' very loud barking right next to your damn ear.

    At least City's quiet! Brownie points to the new kitten, =P.



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