Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day of Writing-- or not

So, yesterday I was going to work on editing my chapters for my book. I wanted to use the big computer to take advantage of the larger screen (while I love my netbook, the screen is small)  Here's how it went:

Plug in and update Zune-- new month, new music!  (I got a Steve Carlson album I didn't already have.)-- Search for music to listen to while writing and realize it's not there because Zune wasn't synced to the netbook (oh, well-- I'll try the Mummy soundtrack I just downloaded.)

Now, insert jump drive and open files from last night.  What?  Open Office needs to be updated? (Oh, yeah, I haven't used it on this computer in a few months.)  Now, what was the master password again?

OK, while I'm waiting for Open Office to update, let me check my e-mail and work on my Blogger settings.  Hey- why is this person still showing up in my Google Reader?  I removed them 4 times yesterday!!! Hey- they're still in Blogger to!  What the heck????  (mutters to self as finally finds and removes person from list.)

Open Office is still updating.  Hmmm- maybe the laundry is ready to change over.  Yep.

More problems with Open Office.... hmmm maybe I should have just worked from the older version-- it did open my documents, after all!!!!

Thirty minutes later, I finally  started working on my writing :)

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