Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back from Vacation!

We're back after a four day trip to the Jersey Shore!!  It was a great time (I will try to put up pictures later this week).

On my plate this week is to do more edits on my Princess story.  Katie found some gaps I need to plug and I am working those issues out.  (She said she liked what I've done so far for the world building that was missing).  I am really enjoying this critique group and weekly challenge (even though I am behind on my word count for the week due to vacation!)

I will be working 3 days this week, and will also be taking a trip to the wineries on Wednesday (we're out of wine and need to restock).  Hubby's mom and dad will be joining us for the trip and we are sure to have a blast!

What I've been reading:

Going to the beach left time to sit in the sun and read some books.  While I was away I read the following:

Janet Evanovich's Twelve Sharp (another Stephanie Plum novel)-- it was great!

Patricia Briggs' Moon Called and Blood Bound (The Mercy series)-- WOW!  What a story teller!  I liked them so much that I picked up books 3 and 4 at Barnes and Nobles today.

I also read Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks.  It was a hoot. Her books read quite quickly for me, as  they are action packed and just plain fun to read.

What are you reading???


  1. I've read the first book in the Mercy series. I was impressed. I'm hoping to get the others sometime and finish the series. I've gotten behind in my reading, =S. But right now, I'm reading a few different things--picking them up when the mood strikes. The Child Thief, the Wheel of Time books, and some other things. I skip around from time to time. =P.


  2. I'm passing on a blogging award to you. Check mine and Kathryn's blog out for more info. =).


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