Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where I write, What I listen to and other fun facts!

I often find myself sitting on the couch with my netbook (just like I am now) when I write.  I have a office area I made upstairs in our second story, but with the summer heat, I find myself staying out of there more often than not.

I mostly work on my netbook, although I do sometimes use the desktop--usually so I can see multiple pages at a time on the large monitor.  I also hand write some of my scenes and transcribe them.  This is usually a result of ideas that came while I was sleeping, or not near the computer.

While I am writing, I find I enjoy listening to instrumental music.  I can, and do, write with the TV on, the family chatting all around me, or in the sounds of nature (when I am camping with family and friends).  With Quest of the Hart I used my Zune and listened mostly to Dark Passion Play (Instrumental) by Nightwish, some Harry Potter soundtracks, some Lord of the Rings soundtracks, the soundtrack from The Mummy, and the soundtrack from Highlander.  And on days when I didn't turn on the Zune, I would put on the Silver Screen channel on DirecTV.

I shouldn't be surprised by how well the music helps me to focus, but I often am.  Many times, I don't even realize I am listening to anything as the words just pour out as the scene unfolds before my eyes.

If you're having problems trying to get your scene to go, try listening to a movie soundtrack or writing on paper instead of the computer, or writing in a different place-- to see if it gets your muse started.

So, where do you write?  Do you listen to anything?  I know Katie, my critique partner answered these questions the other day on her blog.

What I'm Working On:
This week I am working on Chapter 1 of what I am tentatively calling The Lost Princess.  It follows Prince Trevor, brother to Kaylee (Quest of the Hart) as he searches to find out what happened eight years ago when his betrothed disappeared.

What I am Reading:
I started Fast Track by Fern Michaels, but haven't gotten very far with it.

Upcoming Posts:
Alice in Wonderland pictures of my Gryphon (AKA- Dear Son!)
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  1. You might be my writing twin, Mary! I use a netbook to write about 80% of the time. It's so small, it's almost like a pad and paper ...

    I also listen to soundtracks/instrumental music a ton when I write. You nailed one of my favorites (Lord of the Rings - total artist-crush on Howard Shore, btw). I'll have to check out Dark Passion Play.

  2. EJ:

    I started listening to music while I write after a favorite author of mine (Lisa Shearin) mentioned it on her blog.

    Nightwish is an awesome group-- they are from Finland (sing in English) and have a new lead singer for that album. When my husband bought the album, it was a few bucks more for the instrumental version-- a few bucks that was well spent. I told him I wished they had some of their other albums available as instrumentals as they have such rich, orchestral sound to them.

    Let me know what you think of them!


  3. Mary,

    I love the band Nightwish. The only other person I found who enjoyed them was a penpal from Chile, lol. Great music choices! =)


  4. I can write longhand (and often do) as well as sit in front of the laptop for hours on end. i use a netbook for coffee shop writing, but I prefer my laptop at my desk in our sunroom for optimal conditions. :)
    I also love flim soundtracks for setting the mood. Such as LOTR, Crouching Tiger, Stardust, Braveheart, and my new fave, Avatar.
    I'll have to check out Nightwish... Thanks for the tip!


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