Thursday, June 16, 2011

Out With A . . .Riot??

Well, the hockey season is officially over now.  Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for winning the Stanley Cup.  While I was rooting for the Vancouver Canucks (they had never won the Stanley Cup before and Boston had), I must say I am quite disappointed in how their fans behaved after the loss.

Looting, rioting, and destroying property is not a way to show disappointment when your sports team loses a championship game.  I understand the let down and disappointment that comes when your team is THAT close, but doesn't pull through, but how does committing these acts of vandalism make you feel better?

Here's hoping that next year, the losing team's city will accept the loss with grace and dignity, not a flagrant disrespect of the law.


  1. Not a sports fan, but hockey is fun to watch. Sorry for the Canucks... was hoping they'd win. Hadn't heard of the vandalism tho. Yikes. Sore losers.

  2. Being a huge sports fan, I'm always amazed and ashamed by how far people can take things. While I'd wager that many of those looting, etc. are just taking advantage of a situation, and probably not true fans.

    I think we live in a society that isn't used to not getting what they want or expect, which can turn dangerous when you have an entire group of people who've been spurned.


  3. All I can say is, if I rioted every time (OK - the one time :-P) I got a Partial request that _didn't_ turn into an Agent contract or Publisher deal, there'd be a lot of very small, very quiet but equally insane riots.

    What? Writing isn't hockey? Nope. You're right. Writers care more about writing :-PP.

  4. Good post - I hate it when teams act like that. One of my good friends is the GM for the Chicago Blackhawks and his wife and children were heckled once at an out of town game. Heckling a child? Ridiculous.


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