Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Your Fortune?

I love Chinese food.  Even more I love Fortune Cookies.  I have my own ritual for eating them, and recently discovered my husband and friends are quite different than mine.

I was told by a friend, growing up, that you break open the cookie, read the fortune, and if it is a good one, you eat the cookie.  Yow never eat a cookie with a bad fortune.  My husband and one of our friends break open the cookie, eat half, then read the fortune and finish the cookie. 

Of course we read the fortunes to ourselves and then share out loud. My husband usually starts with, "Sorry, wrong cookie."  Sometimes we think the fortunes went to the wrong people, as they fit others in the group so much better.

Last week my friend got a fortune I loved.  "Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."

I have to admit- my first thought was Darth Vadar, then I realized this was a great quote for authors.  We need to watch our characters, for we form their destiny.  If we make a character do something out of character, (without a good reason) it can cause problems in our story.

What advice have you taken from fortune cookies?


  1. actually (and this sounds weird) i've had God talk to me through fortune cookies and other times they're just off.

  2. When I was ten I got a fortune cookie that read "you are the greatest in the world". LOL I lived off of that one for years:)

  3. I'm not sure I ever paid much attention. My husband just tells me my lucky numbers that aren't so lucky I might add.

  4. One of my friends insists on adding "in bed" to all of the fortunes she gets. We always end up rolling on the floor. I secretly still add it to every fortune I hear. Everyone should try it. It is a riot.


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