Friday, September 9, 2011


Talk about a crazy week! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I was busy keeping up with the news.

Dear son went back to school on Wednesday, but rather than the normal week of school we expected, he had an early dismissal followed by tow days off due to record flooding in our area.

We are fine--had some ground water flooding in the basement--but others in our area lost everything.  We are still not sure how bad it got, but we know it was worse than the flooding we went through in 2006.  Both hubby and I are home from work until further notice (most likely Monday for me-- not sure for him).

I was hoping to participate in the Judge and Jury blogfest, but have nothing ready for it, and will be taking out wet carpet today.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Will be back to normal on Monday (I hope!)


  1. Happy to hear you are safe. Have a good weekend, despite the wet carpet.

  2. I echo Angelina's sentiments. See you next week :-)

  3. Sorry to hear of your flooding, but I'm so glad you and your family are alright!

    We are on standby for evacuations from the wildfires in southeast TX. I can see the smoke from my house. Ash is falling in my yard. It's very scary. School has been closed for a week and hubby was home for four days. We need rain badly!

    Glad you are safe,


  4. So glad you're safe. Heart goes out to those who lost everything. Hope this week starts out better.


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