Thursday, November 3, 2011

Postal Irritation and NaNo Update

Due to the flooding in our area, the post office I usually mail packages from was closed.  Yesterday, I needed to send out a package to Jana, winner of one of the random Platform Building Campaign prizes from Rachel Harrie's blogfest. 

I went to the larger post office in my area, got a box that would fit the book I was mailing, closed the book up in it and stood in line, only to be told at the counter I needed to buy tape as they don't tape packages (something the smaller office did do.) 

Irritated at what I saw as a money making scheme (box is free, but we charge for tape), I went home, taped up the box and deliberated how to tell Jana it was going to be another day late as I didn't have time left on lunch to go back and wait in line. 

Then I remembered a packaging company nearby.  I went there.  The staff was friendly (and the tape for free), there was barely a line, and they offer special discounts during the months.  This is where I will be shipping from in the future.

Have you had experiences like this with your post office?  Share below.

NaNo Update:
Day 1: 909 words
Day 2: 719 words
How are you doing with NaNo? 


  1. Oh, don't get me started! I despise all post offices. Try sending stuff from a tiny post office in the middle of nowhere, where everybody knows you and tries to guess what's inside the package and then the package NEVER gets to where you sent it. EVER. And they laugh at you when you complain.
    Yeah, there's a reason why they call it 'going postal.'
    Total so far:
    Nano - 4,349
    Post Office - 0

  2. Hi. Just wanted to let you know I'm also a Campaigner and NaNoer (vigorio). Well met.

  3. Hi Mary! Nano is going good so far: 9908 words. BUT, I had a night of insomnia and was able to write without interruption so that got my word count jump up there. It won't go as smoothly the rest of the month, I'm sure. :)

    My post office is the worst. They charge for boxes and tape.

    Author of Concilium, available July 2012
    Concilium: The Departure, November 2012

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes Mary and good luck on NaNo!!!

  5. Yet another example of why the post office needs to go away. The post office is no longer viable. The private companies can do the job far better than the super bloated post office.

    Good job on NaNo

  6. I couldn't comment on your other post today. But on the query thing, your post sounded about right to me.


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