Monday, April 30, 2012

Odds and Ends

The weather here has been quite schizophrenic this year. We had a relatively mild winter, followed by a week in March with 80 degree days (yeah- I totally went out and got myself a little pink from the sun!)

Then it returned to "normal" with the 30 and 40 degree days you would expect in March. But, after having been so warm, my body was ready to jump into summer. Because of the unusually warm week in March, many apple farmers in our area are worried they won't have many apples, as the trees blossomed that week and there weren't enough bees out yet to pollinate them.  I guess only time will tell.

In other news, I have finished writing my new sections of TLP and am now making tweaks to the plot and some of the storyline through the entire MS to adjust for these changes. Part of me thinks it would be easier to just rewrite it, but another part of me knows most of what I have only needs some minor tweaking. I am also getting ready to take a first pass at edits for DKK.

How has your spring been? Did March roar in like a lion and out like a lamb? Did Mother Nature totally psych you out about what season it is? What are you working on? Do you find it easier to rewrite from scratch with plot/storyline revisions or make little changes to the sections you already have? I'd love to hear from you, so please, share below!


  1. Mary, March roared in like a lion, and I found myself blogging, completing a WIP, winning contests, etc. April rained down a shower, causing me to realize I needed to step back and refocus. May will bring me a new beginning as I am starting over and rewriting my manuscripts. As a result, I pray June blossoms into something beautiful. :)

  2. Spring has been strange everywhere. In Sacramento, where we live, it came in February and part of March and then turned cold and rainy. I don't know what it is like now, because my hubby and I are in Galicia, Spain. But here they had a very dry winter, and April has turned windy and rainy and cold. Usually it is a sprinkle of sunshine and rain at this time. The seasons are topsy turvy everywhere. Congratulations on your rewrites and edits. I'm in a process of revision too.

  3. I hear you on the editing. I'm doing a revision request, which has resulted in massive rewrites of some chapters due to one little change that snowballed.


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