Monday, August 20, 2012

Overused Phrases

Sorry about missing Thursday's post, but I was hip deep in revisions on TLP (trying to get it ready for submission).

While reading through and making my own notes (while waiting for my wonderful CP's to chime in with their wisdom) I noticed my new favorite phrases for this book.

The phrases "I'm sorry", "I'm so sorry", and "Sorry" came in first, with  "I promise" and "Promise" a close second. (Each of these occurred over 30 times in a 60,000 word MS)

What words or phrases do you find yourself repeating in your writing? Is it a character trait or something you need to take a look at so as not to annoy your reader? (Mine clearly fell in the latter, they weren't character traits :-) )

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  1. I have a tendency to overuse words like "just." And then I often find repetitive gestures, like "raised his eyebrows." As a matter of fact, I think my characters raise their eyebrows to the point of it becoming a facial tic!


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