Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow! Can you believe that we've already made it seven days into 2013? Time just seems to move faster with each passing year.

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends this holiday season. We had a great time here visiting, playing games, and just hanging out.

I know I said I would be going back to my 'How Author's Write' series on Mondays (and I will) but I didn't get that post ready for today. So, instead, I am going to take a look at last years resolutions and set up some for this year.

Monday I will return to the series. And this Thursday, I am going to share my experience with making a book trailer (and the final project). I learned several things I want to share about this process so I hope you'll stop back to hear about it.

Last year I made these resolutions:

1) Set and keep an exercise routine (I don't know why this one is so hard for me to do. It didn't happen.)

2) Continue to write, edit, and complete the two series I have started (Quest of the Hart, Sleeping Handsome(LOL! This was the original name for Quest. I believe I meant to put The Lost Princess here), and A Different Kind of Knight; The Ruby Dagger and The Silver Shroud) (This I've had some success with. Quest of the Hart is releasing in April from MuseItUp Publishing, The Lost Princess has been submitted to MuseItUp for consideration, and Different Kind of Knight is currently going under revisions for submission. As for Ruby Dagger and Silver Shroud, no progress has been made, and I have set them aside to work on some other projects. Not to worry, I will be going back to them one day.)

3) Keep more balance in my life with work, life, writing, and reading (I'm sure my family would disagree, but I think I've made some progress here. I was able to read several books this year while working on several different writing projects. I spent lots of time with family (sometimes just being in the same room while they did one thing and I another) and work was, well work.)

Now my goals for 2013:
1) Set and keep an exercise routine (Hopefully the third time really is a charm!)
2) Finish editing A Different Kind of Knight, finish drafting Shattering Illusions (both Princess of Valendria novels). Get Magic Bound ready for submission (A YA paranormal I'm working on) and draft Faery Kissed (second book in this series).
3) Work on my social media presence. I have a really hard time tweeting and posting at Facebook, so I need to learn how to get stuff up in both places morning and night, without spamming my friends/followers. Any tips? They'd be greatly appreciated.

How about you? What goals have you set for yourself? And did you meet your goals from last year? Share below!


  1. Great goals, Mary!

    Well, I've got a book to launch in May, and I'm hoping to see a rough cut of the Spirit Game short film in the next couple months.

    I have Book 2 of the The Eighth Day series to write, and while I blasted through the first 30k words in less than a month, I've hit a kind of wall. Not that I don't know what happens next, but I think I'm having stage fright. This is the book I've written on contract, and I'm a little worried if it's going to be as good as the first one. Second books in a series are so hard!

    Don't forget TPR tonight. Hope to see you there!

  2. Good luck with your goals!

    I'm hoping to finish at least one rough draft this year. Last year started out badly writing wise for me, so I didn't get much new out there. I've gotten over 2k so far this year though, bringing my draft up to a total of 25k. It's MG, so I'm over halfway there.

    I also have to learn how to market a book, or two, since they come out this year. =)

  3. Happy new year, Mary! Yes I really need to stick to a workout routine this year with no excuses! 40 is catching up with me and my metabolism is slowing. Argh! That means extra work.

    Good luck with all your goals and yay for your upcoming release! Exciting! :)


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