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How Author's Write- Kim Cresswell

Today I welcome Kim Cresswell to share her writing tips and a sneak peek at her debut romantic suspense novel, REFLECTION.

What do you write?
I mainly write romantic suspense novels but I'm trying my hand at a supernatural mystery series.

Do you use 1st person, 3rd person, multiple POVs?
I write in 3rd person, multiple POV's. The options are endless and I love being able to tell a story through the eyes of as many characters as I like.

How do you get started with a book- is it an idea, a character, vary from story to story?
Since my books are plot-driven. I always start with an idea.

Do you draft quickly?
No, I'm the slowest drafter. It takes me at least six months because my internal editor refuses to shut off. On the other, hand, it saves time editing. I think it all balances out in the end.

Do you do research before your first draft, during?
I research while writing the first draft. I find this also helps me come up with some interesting twists and turns as well.

Do you outline? How?
Yes, I outline the plot and sub-plot(s) by adding the plot points into a story-board spreadsheet. I find this works best for me and I'm able to see any holes in my plot.

Do you name everything up front when you are drafting or do you leave comments for yourself to go back and fill in later so you don't lose the flow of what you are working on?
I always name everything up front and rarely change characters names etc.

Do you work with CP's or Beta's? How soon into your draft do you let them see your work?
I work with a couple fantastic critique partners I've had since 2001. These gals are talented published authors and I value their opinions.

What books/websites have you found most helpful to helping you write your best?
As far as books, my favourite is, GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Debra Dixon. An invaluable resource because without these story elements, you don't have a story.

There are so many great web sites out there as well but I think Writer's Digest is probably one of the best all-around websites for writers.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started writing.
So much! One of my earlier flaws was not showing enough emotion which left my characters flat and boring.

What do you have out now, or coming out? Any upcoming events? A website we can find you and your books at? An author photo? A booktrailer? Anything else you want to share?

I'm thrilled to announce my debut romantic suspense, REFLECTION, was released a few days ago! You can find Reflection in eBook at MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon and coming soon to Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other fine retailers. Coming to paperback in late February.

I'm going to be guest blogging on numerous web sites beginning in February, including, RomCon (Feb.1st), JustRomanticSuspense (Feb. 3-4) and TBR-To Be Read (Feb. 7th).

Florida investigative reporter, Whitney Steel, has lived in the shadow of her legendary father long enough. To prove herself she needs to find the “Big” story.

She found it.

Now it may kill her.

After Whitney receives a lead pointing to the world's first cloned human, now a small child, she vows to unravel the truth. However, sifting through the facts proves to have dangerous results, including death threats and murder.

When Whitney is nearly killed, but is saved by undercover FBI Special Agent, Blake Neely, he refuses to let her get in the way of his own objective—at least not right away.

Caught in a lethal game between a billionaire obsessed with genetic perfection, his hit man’s thirst for retribution, and a Colombian drug lord fresh out of prison determined to make Blake pay for his twin brother’s death over a decade ago...

Can they save an innocent child before it’s too late?

Faced with tough choices, with deadly consequences for many—Whitney soon realizes that sometimes a story becomes more than just a story.

Watch the Trailer

Mini Excerpt
Uneasiness slid down her spine. She stopped the recorder. “Mason, you’re scaring me. What the hell is going on? It’s been over three years since we last spoke. Then, out of the blue, you beg me to meet with you today. I know the police don’t believe you killed that woman.”

“But do you, Whitney? Do you believe I killed her? I need to know. It’s important.”

Stunned by the urgency in his voice, she answered carefully. “Of course not. You’re many things, but you’re not a killer.”

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.” He reached for his empty glass and tapped his chunky gold ring against the side.

Whitney turned the recorder on again.

“Carmen was a scientist working for a biotech company in Nevada. ShawBioGen. Heard of it?”

“Who hasn’t? They were one of the first to clone animals in the eighties. Caused quite a stir. But I don't understand. What does that have to do with Carmen’s death?”

He opened his mouth to answer.

The large window behind them dividing the patio from the main restaurant exploded...

About the Author:
Trained as a legal assistant, Kim Cresswell has been a story-teller all her life but took many detours before returning to her first love, writing.

For her, writing suspense fiction is an incredible adventure and she's surprised where the journey takes her. She's also an avid reader who enjoys playing computer games, ghost hunting and loves anything paranormal.

Kim has a few new suspense novels in the works including the sequel to REFLECTION.

Web Site:
Twitter: @kimcresswell


  1. Great interview, Kim! This book is awesome.

    1. Hi Jerri. Thank you so much. Glad you love Reflection. :)

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  3. I love seeing how others write. Great interview and I have to tell you I'm reading Reflection now and can't put it down.

    1. Hi Marian. Glad you enjoyed the interview. So happy to hear you can't put Reflection down. I love to hear comments like that! :)

  4. Wow Kim, this one sounds full of twists and turns. I love the concept, the cloning, the reporter digging for the truth, and the danger she faces. Oh yeah, on my TBB list right now.

  5. Hi Lorrie. Thanks for stopping by. :) Thrilled that Reflection is on your TBB list. I had a blast writing this book and there is a sequel coming!

  6. Always interesting to see how differently writers work. Nice interview :)

  7. Great interview! I definitely have to read this book.

    1. Hi Tammy. Glad you enjoyed the interview. Hope you enjoy Reflection. :)

  8. Hey Marty. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  9. And a huge thank you to Mary for having me today! :)

  10. Great interview, Kim. The book looks fascinating!
    Cheers, Kelly

  11. Hi Kelly. Thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed the interview. :)

  12. Fantastic interview! Congrats on the book release, Kim!

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