Monday, November 11, 2013

Let the Joust Begin!!!

The joust has begun, and today is my day!!!Stop by between 3AM-8PM EST, and comment on the posts with my words of valor: 

Lady Mary, Charmed, and Mayhap 

to help me out and enter a drawing for a prize (or two) of your own!

Not sure what to say? Try this:

"Mayhap Lady Mary Charmed them into submission."

Remember you can cheer for me 3 times a day from today through Friday.
You can also find us on FACEBOOK or tweet about us on Twitter using #grogz

Thanks and good luck to you with the prizes!!!


  1. Heading over to vote right now! ;)

    1. Thanks EJ! 'Twas a wondrous comment you have left.

  2. Adorable. Making my ye olde way to the voting arena.

  3. Lady Mary, ye are a formidable opponent. You may unseat last year's champ Ghost Knight.

    1. Thank thee, Lady MPax. But 'tis not I who deserves the credit. Nay, credit belongs to my lovely cheering crowd. Finer friends one cannot find than these.


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