Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet Cameo Hopper

Today I'm thrilled to introduce to you Cameo Hopper- the model used to represent Callie on the cover of FAERY MARKED.

Welcome, Cameo! Please, tell us a little about yourself.
I'm from Tennessee, so I'm a southern girl at heart. I believe in courtesy, manners, and helping others. 

I have two little brothers, three little sisters, and one older brother. I also have two younger brothers-in-law. Naturally, I play the protective older sibling role quite well. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my siblings are safe and successful. 

I begin my Masters degree in clinical psychology this fall and plan on continuing on to get my doctoral degree. I chose this field because I want to help those who are hurting heal and become whole. I truly believe that a persons past doesn't have to define them and that healing is possible. There can always be beauty from the ashes.

I'm an old soul. I love history, culture, and the simple things in life.

Wow! Another big family. And working on your Master's degree- congrats! That's a great accomplishment. Psychology is quite a different field from modeling. How did you get started with modeling?
I started modeling as a favor to a friend who was attending Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school. Priscilla asked me to be her model for the 2013 Fashion show and I agreed. Modeling in this particular show enabled me to meet many local models, photographers, and hair and makeup artists. I was selected as the top model for my segment, and Kelsey Keeton was the top model for her segment. She met me backstage at the show and recruited me for her book cover. My career took off from there.

That's amazing! You and Kelsey work so well together. Have you worked with anyone else? Or done more than book covers?
I have modeled for several companies and have been featured on book covers, in magazines, on promotional videos, and am in the portfolio of many area photographers. I believe I have done 20 book covers to date...perhaps more with stock photos. I have also done promotional on site modeling and runway modeling. 

Congratulations! That must be so exciting to see yourself on that many covers. 

I think we all fantasize a little about what it would be like to be on a photo shoot. What are they really like?
Shoots can be really fun but can also be stressful. The balance between the fun and the stress depends heavily on the chemistry between the model and photographer. Prep is probably the most time consuming and stressful part of any shoot. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe can take hours! Once I get in front of the camera I begin to have fun! I love posing and creating something new and beautiful! 

It can be awkward working in an intimate setting with a fellow model but we giggle through it. It takes a lot of trust to look a stranger in the eyes and pretend you are in love. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing models who make the awkward moments fun!

What's the most exotic location you've done a shoot at?
Shooting locations....oh where to begin! I jumped off of a waterfall for a shoot once....that was crazy! 

Oh, my goodness! That looks so incredible!

What's your favorite part of modeling?
My favorite part about modeling is the creativity behind it! It's like making a piece of art and the possibilities are endless. The picture can be dark, moody, intimate, delightful, and etc. I love the moment when the edited and finished product is's like opening a present. 

Such a great description. Like with any job, I'm sure there are parts that aren't as fun. So, what's your least favorite part?
My least favorite part of the shoot is being uncomfortable....I mean physically uncomfortable. Some of the most beautiful poses are really difficult to hold while waiting for the picture to be snapped. 

I can't imagine holding a specific look while trying to ignore the discomfort you are in. That must take a special kind of concentration. 

Do you prefer to do solo shoots or shoots with other models?
I can be more creative when shooting alone. However, I like the atmosphere and energy that comes with shooting with multiple models. My favorite person to shoot with is my husband. He has done two covers with me...and both were a blast to shoot. 

I bet that was tons of fun, and created some amazing shots. 

Have you ever specifically been requested for a cover by an author?
Yes, I have had several authors request me for a cover. It's always so flattering to be selected to represent a character that they wrote up and hold dear. Tiffany King, Lila Felix, Sarah Dosher, Quinn Loftis, Adam Kuntz and several others are authors who asked for me by name. 

That must have been so exciting for you. 

You've been on many book covers, but do you enjoy reading? And if so, who are some of your favorite authors?
My favorite author is Jane Austin! Favorite poet is E. E. Cummings. I will read just about anything I can get my hands on. On average I go through three non text books per week. 

That's a lot of books! And some great authors :-)

What do you do to relax?
My favorite thing I can do to relax is snuggle up with my husband on the couch, cover up with a quilt, and drink a cup of coffee.

Do you have a favorite drink?
Coffee!!! I love coffee! 

Me too! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with us. You can find Cameo on Facebook.


  1. Another great interview! Mary, I love that you're digging deeper into the process behind a book cover - it's fascinating. And Cameo, since I'm sometimes called upon to be a (very reluctant) model for my advertising-photographer husband, I have tremendous respect for what you do. :)

    1. Thanks, Heather! I'm fascinated by the behind the scenes stuff, and am glad I found people willing to talk about it with us!

  2. Cameo - It is so fun to learn more about you and the behind the scenes from a model's perspective. I enjoy seeing updates from photo shoots of you from both your FB page as well as Kelsey's. Best of luck to you! :-)

    I think we picked a great Callie! Mary :-)


    1. I've liked seeing Kelsey and Cameo's updates too- very cool stuff!

      And, I think you picked an AWESOME Callie!!!

    2. Aww - thank you Mary! :-)

  3. Wow, such a cool interview!! She is an AWESOME and beautiful Callie!! :)


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