Monday, June 2, 2014


With the release of my novella, THE MYSTERY PRINCE a week away, I thought I'd share some snippets with you over the next few days. Enjoy!

His thumb swept over her callus again before he lifted her hand. Her heart fluttered as he pressed his lips to the ridges lining her fingers. He broke all the rules of propriety, yet she did nothing to stop him, enthralled by the new feelings surging through her at his touch. When he lifted his head, his eyes held of look of sorrow and longing that made her wish to reach out and comfort him.

Releasing her hand, he stood and gave a slight bow. “My apologies, Princess. You make me forget there are rules to follow.”

Tears pricked her eyes, but she willed them away. He stirred something in her she didn't understand and didn't know what to do with. Her emotions swung like the pendulum in a clock, drifting from euphoria and excitement to longing and despair.

Off in the distance, she heard the voice of the herald calling out to them. For now, their time had come to an end. But Zoe felt a piece of her heart drift to the man at her side. Could one truly find love in so short a time?

Tristan enjoys being in the shadows as Prince Rand's bodyguard. Similar in looks, the two often exchanged places in their youth, but he never expected the king to order him to impersonate the heir to the throne in order to win the hand of a princess. 

Princess Zoe needs to find a husband. After a year of searching with no success, her father insists on hosting a masquerade ball for the eligible princes of the nine kingdoms. Not one prince piques her interest, until she meets the mysterious stranger who won't tell her his name.

When Tristan meets Zoe he finds the girl of his dreams. The only problem? She's a princess and he's impersonating a prince―a crime punishable by imprisonment and floggings.

Unable to tell Zoe his real name, he gives her a special navigation device. One that leads to the owner's true love. Will this magic device lead Zoe to Tristan, or will her true love forever remain a mystery prince?



  1. Congrats, Mary! Sounds fantastic...can't wait to read it. :)

  2. Yippee! Next week. It is such a great story and I'm so excited for the release. Congrats, Mary.


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