Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Chance Meeting

Today I have another special character interview. This time, Tex (from Stuart West's Tex. the Witch Boy) meets up with Kaylee. Be sure to hop over to Stuart's blog and see what happens when Arabella and Olivia run into each other. You won't want to miss that!

Tex: What's up, Kaylee? I'm a little nervous. The closest I've ever come to royalty is listening to my girlfriend, Olivia's, Prince CD. So, you're a princess? I mean, a really bonafide, birds on shoulder princess?

Kaylee (cheeks pink): Yes, I'm a real princess. Princess of Palindore. I mean, Princess of Breniera. (she twists a ring on the ring finger of her left hand.) Sorry, I'm still getting used to my new title. I'm really no different than you, though, other than the fact I can speak with animals, so you can relax.

Tex: So, you're like Dr. Doolittle or something? Gah, sorry. I mean it's cool you say you're no different from me, but...well, look at you! I'm just a high school kid trying to survive. And, um, I'm also a witch. While I can't talk to animals, Olivia would like me to turn a couple of high school bullies into toads. Obviously I can't do that, wouldn't even if I could. Goes against bad karma witch stuff. Or something. So you live in Palindore? Where's that?

Ancient Map of Valendria

Kaylee: Palindore is one of the kingdoms in Valendria. But I'm not living there anymore. I've gone to the neighboring kingdom of Breniera to meet Prince Devlin, the man I'm going to marry. (at Tex's puzzled look Kaylee pauses.) I take it you have never heard of either place. Not surprising as they are in a different world from yours. Tell me about your world. You mentioned being a witch. In Valendria those with magic gifts are feared and revered, depending on the way they use their powers. Is it the same where you come from?

Tex: You're right. Being in Kansas, I'm, ah, not too familiar with magical kingdoms. Feared and revered? Yeah, right! I live in a constant state of fear it seems. From bullies, not to mention murderers. It's complicated. Over the last three years, Clearwell High's seen a lot of bad mojo. And I pretty much have to keep my witchiness a secret outside of my closest friends. That's all I need is to have the school find out I'm a witch. Talk about wearing a "kick me" sign on your back. So, um, you look kinda' young to be getting married. What's up with that?

Kaylee: I'm not that young. After all, I am sixteen, even if I don't look it. It's customary for girls to marry between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. Is this not so in your world?

Tex: Yeah, not exactly. Here, at sixteen, we're entitled to drive. So, okay, I get it, you're a princess in, "different" place. Are there fairies, sprites, trolls (I've always wanted to see a troll!). What about dragons? Yeah, that'd be cool. Of course we don't have any dragons. Well, not unless you count our vice-principal. He's a dragon. Practically breathes fire.

Kaylee: How terrifying for you! What kind of dragon is he? Here we have Golden, Silver, Red, and Green dragons. Each lives in a different territory, and they are all quite ferocious, although some are more dangerous than others. I do not ever care to meet any more in real life. Aureal is the only dragon I care to spend time with.

Tex: LOL. Sorry, sorry, he's not a real dragon, but I'll bet his nostrils are as large as your dragons'. So, do I understand correctly you went in search for a potion to wake up your fiancee? Wow. That sounds like something one of the girls I'm friends with might do. Olivia's pulled me out of the fire more than several times, quite the warrior. And Elspeth? Glad she's on my side. Even dead, she can still pack a more powerful punch than a Clearwell football player. Um, football's a sport at my high school. Do you go to high school? Or did you, like, you know, get to bypass it because of your royal standing? If so, are your parents looking to adopt a witch? Kidding (mostly)!

Kaylee: Yes, I went on a quest to save Devlin, and that's how I met Aureal, the Golden Dragon. But as for school, I am not familiar with this term. I had a tutor when I was younger who taught me to read and write and speak in my own language and those of my neighboring kingdoms. As for the use of a witch in the kingdom, it would depend on the type of magic you practice. If you dabble in the dark arts, like Esmerelda, then no, we have no need of your services. However, if you are like Grizzelda, you would be welcome with open arms. The kingdom can only benefit from the services of one handy with healing potions and helpful spells.

Tex: No, no, believe me! My witch mentor, Mickey (who has a mean dope-slap swing!) has drummed it into my head that black magic? Bad! White magic? Good! Speaking of which, I better get back to studying (grumbles). It's been a pleasure talking with you Kaylee! Maybe someday I can come visit.

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  1. Hey, thanks, Mary, for letting Tex play in your world. It was fun.

  2. Niice to see you again, Tex! And nice to meet you too, Princess!

  3. Wow, talk about worlds colliding! Two great books, one fun interview. Nice!


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