Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Chance Meeting between Characters

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two characters from different books met up with each other? Well, today see what happens when Edison (from Meradeth Houston's Colors Like Memories) meets up with Princess Kaylee (from my Quest of the Hart). Be sure to stop by Meradeth's blog for an exchange between Arabella (the villain from Quest of the Hart) and Julia (the heroine from Colors Like Memories).

Kaylee wandered down the dirt path, dappled sunlight shining through the trees, giving a golden-green glow to everything. When she reached the edge of the stream, she stopped and let out a loud sigh.

Edison: It’s far too nice a day for something to be troubling you enough for a sigh like that. Are you doing okay? I’m Edison, by the way.

Kaylee: Hello, Edison. It’s lovely to meet you. I’m Kaylee, Princess of Palindore, soon to be Princess of Breniera. (She gives a small smile.) And that is the source of my worry. I am to marry Prince Devlin in a little over a week, and I have yet to meet him. I’m to leave for his kingdom in the morning, and am quite nervous about it all. Perhaps you could take my mind from my worries by telling me a little about yourself.

Edison: That sounds like something to be rather nervous about. I hope that your Prince is a decent fellow. As for myself, there isn’t much to tell. I’m traveling through the area on business, actually. It seemed like a nice day for a walk. Tell me, what sorts of creatures live in these woods?

Kaylee: Oh, there are squirrels, and birds. Some chipmunks. If you look real close at the base of that tree over there (Kaylee points to a large oak) you’ll see the entrance to a mole home. Further in you can find deer and a few elk. (she studies Edison) Are you here to hunt, then?

Edison: That’s not really my thing. Though I have heard of an amazing Hart in these woods. I wouldn’t mind seeing him, though I’m not fond of hunting for sport. There are much better forms of entertainment. I can see that you like to take walks--what else do you do for fun?

Kaylee: I like to read. I really hope my new home will have a library. The one here is okay, but I’ve read all the books there. A couple more than once! What about you? What do you do- for fun or anything else?  I feel like you’re hiding something from me. Do I need to call for my brother?

Edison (holding up his hands): No, no need for that. Hiding things is part of my job, just something that I can’t help, but I am being honest with you. As much as I can, at the very least. And I enjoy reading, too. I’ve seen some of the libraries of this world. They are impressive. What’s your favorite book?

Kaylee: Oh, I have so many. Mostly ones of the handsome prince rescuing the beautiful princess, or knights on majestic quests. How about you?

Edison: I’m much more for the classics, non-fiction, but if I’m in the mood, a good love story brings back some pleasant memories.

Kaylee: I love a good love story too. So, who is the special girl these stories bring to mind?

Edison: Someone who was really close to me. She passed away quite a while ago, but I like to  be reminded of the good times we spent together. So, what have you learned about this Prince you’re about to marry? Will he live up to the ones you’ve read about?

Kaylee: I’m not sure. I really don’t know much about him, other than he has a twin sister. I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m confused at how it could have happened so long ago as you look scarcely older than my sixteen years. Are you using some kind of magic to alter your appearance?

Edison (laughing): That’s actually a good story for a book, I’d like to think! That’s quite a secret to tell though, one that I’m not at liberty to share. The magic that keeps me looking young can be quite cruel at times. And I’m sure there are other things you’d rather talk about today. Like, what are your wedding plans? Will there be a big festival to celebrate?

Kaylee: I’d rather talk about you (Edison stiffens and Kaylee smiles at him) but I understand your need to keep secrets. (A bird trill fills the air) Oh, goodness! I am truly sorry, but I must leave. My mother is waiting for me. It was nice meeting you, Edison. And, don’t give up on love. Sometimes you find it where you least expect it.

Edison: It was a pleasure to meet you, Kaylee. I hope that your wedding goes well, your groom is a true Prince, and you find a giant library at your new estates!

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  1. This was SO fun to do!! Thanks for asking Edison out to play :)

    1. I had a blast with it, too. Maybe we can do another with other books sometime in the future :-)


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