Monday, April 13, 2015

Same blog, New Format

Since the end of last year and into this year, I've been trying to come up with a better way to theme my post days. Something that will encourage me to want to post more (yeah, I know I've been hit and miss!) and be interesting for you to read.

After months of thinking and looking at other blog themes, I've finally found my themes!!

Mondays will be Mary's Musings. On these days, I'll post whatever I feel like talking about. Hockey. Baseball. Lacrosse. Life. Writing. Share writing tips. Share excerpts from WIPs. Things like that. I may also host another author or do books promos. It all depends on what I feel like talking about!

Thursdays will be #TBR Thursday. In these post I'll recommend specific books/authors. Any book mentioned here will be one that I've read. Any author featured I will have read at least one book by. I'll give you my opinion of the book/author and tell you why I think you should add it to your #TBR pile.

So, I hope you'll come back this Thursday to see what book/author is my featured post for the day!!


  1. Gonna be great, Mary. Looking forward to it. Love the banners too. :)

    1. Thanks HK!

      I'm excited about it. For the longest time I was dreading blogging. Now I'm looking forward to it.


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